Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When you see and read about accidents like the one here in DC last night during rush hour, a series of what-if questions and scenarios start to swim around in your mind. At least they did in mine. You think about how you were just on that exact train at that exact time two weeks ago, when you went to visit your old job. You think about how before the fire, you were on that exact route on your way home from work each and everyday. You think about how before you switched barbers, you were on that train every two weeks to get a haircut, and you'd complain about the leisurely pace of the barber. So all these hypothetical thoughts are in your head, and you feel blessed, lucky and appreciative, especially as you get phone calls, texts and emails from friends and family asking if you're ok, and you can actually respond with an emphatic yes.

But then you once you get over that, you sit and watch hours and hours of train wreck coverage, and all those blessed feelings turn to just amazement and horror. You see people just like you who were just trying to get home to loved ones, or home to watch sportscenter, or to the gym, or home to have sex with their spouse, and instead they were met with a tragic accident. It made me think of 9/11 in a way, because it seemed like every channel had coverage live from the scene, and it was driving me crazy. Eventually I turned to sports, and then re-watched Syriana with my lady to get away, but that's only temporary. There will be coverage all week. And on Thursday, I have to take the train in that direction to get to my doctor's office. I'm already thinking of alternative method.

I have a nice bow of an ending to put on this entry. This was just a post morning workout stream of consciousness...

Actually I can end on semi-happy note. The song you see below is one I used to wear out in college, as my main man Sabin can tell you. I don't know if Sabin ever learned the words or not by the way..Anyway, I couldn't find the song on itunes or anyhere else legal, but thanks to the wonderful phenomenon called youtube, the song lives. The singing by MC Brains is god awful, but Boyz II Men's background vocals in the beginning, eventually give way to them singing lead and ending the song..


Truth About It said...


MC Brains had another song besides Oochie Coochie?

Anonymous said...

That was the song!

Janelle said...

Almost 8 years later, I still replay the what ifs and the scenarios of where I could have been and where I was the day before on September 11, 2001. But there's nothing you can do. You just live life in ignorant bliss, not knowing what's in store.

Now on a semi-happy note, I don't think I've ever heard this song. I only remember MC Brain for Oochie Coochie la-la-la. Maybe this was before my time at our Home by the Sea. hahahahahaha