Friday, July 24, 2009

As I left the gym this morning, there were a stack of papers, laying face down on the receptionist's desk, and at first glance I thought they were Washington City Papers. They come out every Thursday, and since I forgot to grab one yesterday, I figured now was as good of a time as any to get one. As I reached to grab a paper, the receptionist slightly moved the papers out my reach, and said, "No you don't want this paper." I looked at her like she was crazy, and said, yes, I do, and she said no you don't, these are Washington Blades.

Now, for those of you who live outside of the DC area, the Washington Blade is a gay and lesbian newspaper that also comes out once a week. Because my neighborhood is so gay friendly, I frequently see this newspaper being read, and one time a few years ago when I was desperate for an apartment, I even scoured the classifieds. Not a big deal at all. But when this woman told me that this was the newspaper I was about to grab, I just said to her, "Oh ok, I thought it was the City Paper", and again she demonstratively said, "No baby you definitely don't want this paper."

As I walked out of the gym, I thought to myself, how does she know I don't have the ghey? I've never walked in the gym with women on my arm Hugh Hefner style, and there has been nothing about my behavior to suggest I'm gay or straight, so why did she just automatically assume I wasn't? I got a little offended that she didn't at least give me the gay benefit of the doubt, because if I WAS gay, she would SOOO be in trouble for making that kind of statement. And yes I'm serious about this. I have been hit on by gay dudes before, and that situation was more than awkward but I handled it. I wouldn't have minded one more situation like that.

My lady told me this morning that it is completely ridiculous for me to be offended about something like that. But I'm an EEOC type of fellow.

And now a video from the best rapper who ever lived..

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Sab D said...

Man I grab that joint by mistake at Ben's Chili Bowl. I had a stack a papers, so it was about the 3rd one in the bunch. I got to flipping the pages like WTH. Then I slammed it shut and looked around wondering if the cats at the counter saw what I was reading. Not my preferred literature, but hey - they gotta reach their market too