Friday, July 10, 2009

As I left the pool this morning, the lifeguard stopped and asked if I had any cds I could loan him so he could load up his IPOD with fresh new music. I didn't really want to go into how all my cds burned up in the fire, so I merely told him that I didn't have cds anymore, and all my music was on my computer via itunes. I thought that would be it, but he probed a bit deeper, and asked me what kind of music I liked, and I said I had all kinds on my IPOD. Finally, he asked me if I could make him a cd, like my name was Rob Gordon. He said he wanted something uptempo with some R&B and whatever else I wanted to put on there, and I said I'd see what I can do. A few thoughts on this exchange..

1)Why the hell did he ask me? By my quick count, there were at least 15 people of varying ages who walked by him during the course of the morning, and I did not once see him stop and ask them for some audio gems. I was the only black person to walk by, and while I won't just rush and play the race card, it certainly seems that was a factor..Or maybe its the fact that I'm always walking in and out with headphones, but again, I don't have a monopoly on that action. EVERYONE has headphones on their head...Or maybe I just look like a black Casey Kasem, who knows what's happening on the music scene..

2)I am kind of excited at the prospect of having to make a cd for someone..even if its a hairy, male lifeguard, whose behavior borders on creepy on most days. Back in the day, I used to make 90 minute tapes for the lady I was feeling at the time, or I'd make tapes just to dazzle myself. Sure I was no Ron G or any type of mixtape master, but in my mind I did ok for myself. These days, with IPODS and mp3 players, the opportunity to dazzle someone with your ability to produce a 90 minute, theme driven, perfectly sequenced cd, is as rare as seeing LeBron James get dunked on by a college student. So now that I have the chance to re-live my past so to speak, I'll all over it.

3) Do I put widely known songs on the cd? Or do I take chances and put new stuff on there, in hopes that he'll take a shine to it? Do I throw one song in there with lots of cursing and "n" words in there, just to see how he reacts? So many directions, just one weekend to make it happen...this whole blog may be a tad bit ghey...

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