Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A friend of mine suggested that I go visit my intern (who works on a different floor), from last year and the year before, because my blog needed more beef, more sizzle, and I needed to re-ignite the spark. In other words, my blog sucks ass now. I re-read some of my entries over the past week or so, and does indeed seem less and less interesting, but I can't help it man. I have had thoughts and experiences that I really can't share with anyone for various reasons (too raunchy, to perverted, too personal, too scary), plus for right now my life isn't all that exciting. That will change next week when I meet Obama (hopefully) and a few weeks after that when I go on vacation, but for now, I'm stuck in the doldrums. I hope you forgive me...but my friend is right, I should visit my intern, but I just dont know if its worth that level of annoyance.

Until then, you're stuck with entries like this..or maybe I'll let my guard down and blog about a taboo subject.

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scout said...

rashad, you write so well that even the mundane is entertaining. i mean, i keep coming back *shrug.