Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I agree with Peter King, all this Michael Jackson coverage is getting a little ridiculous. The memorial (which takes place today) itself doesn't annoy me, but the coverage and selling of it does. I am sick of the video marathons, sick of the attorneys, the other family members, TMZ, Access Hollywood, "his" kids, all of it. About the only thing that I am not sick of, is the very thing that I know him for, and that is his music..however..

The one lesson I am (re)learning is that I must press my parents (and when I get older I have to do the same) about getting their will finalized right now. All the details that seem mundane, pointless, and minuscule must be laid out, written down and legally recognized, so that their passing doesn't become a huge mess. Michael Jackson left "his" kids to his 80 year old parents and his backup is 65 year old Diana Ross. His debt wasn't even close to being paid off, and now someone will have to tend to that as well. The biological mother of the "his" kids, Debbie Rowe, wasn't left with jack (although i'm sure she got paid after she had the kids) and now she's scrambling to get her case heard, so she can get in on this. All of this drama just cheapens what is supposed to be grieving and celebrating MJ's life and music. It seems like when he did his will, he didn't call ANYONE to even let them know they were in it. So after he died, its like HEY SURPRISE!

Yet another point that has come to mind since this MJ drama, is how I would react if 30 or 40 cameras and camera equipment were shoved in my face while I was minding my own business. I saw it happen to Debbie Rowe yesterday, and I've sent it happen Bernie Madoff prior to his jailing, and both parties totally lost their cool and ended up shoving the cameras. I honestly think I would walk very slowly, start quietly rapping lyrics to the most profane song I could think of, and then I'd walk towards my lawn, start watering it, and I'd do my best to ruin each and every camera one by one with a steady stream of water. There are some other things I'd do as well, but I can't mention them on this family blog. And yes I've given this plenty of thought.

I have slacked on writing the past few days. I was just enjoying and experiencing life with myself and others that I care about. But I missed it so I'm back.

Don't Go - En Vogue

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blue said...

I am with you on preparing one's will and final documents. After what my family experienced with my Grandmother's passing a couple months ago, I have been trying to tell everyone i know to handle their affairs (preferably sooner rather than later). It's so important to have not only a will, but also medical care directives should anything happen toward the end. It is not something that is comfortable to talk about, but it will make things easier when the time comes. It's also important to know that they can still be changed, too, in the final moments. (This is something that I did not know.) But even so, it makes it easier to have some sort of direction, even if it is just to open up the dialogue and help the person to know you are honoring their wishes.