Monday, July 27, 2009

I just got off the phone with my mother, and she was filling me in on the events of her Columbia alumni weekend. At one point, she was discussing the wonderful church service that took place yesterday morning, and how refreshing it was to see men and women who had shunned the Lord in college, come around and fully embrace Him. Then she took it a step further by explaining to me that one group of men she had gone to college with had a reputation for running trains on women, and it was good to see them praising and worshipping yesterday.

Trains? Really mommy? (yes I still call her mommy) F**king trains?

I expect my boys to throw that word around freely. If my father mentioned it, it would give me great pause, but I'd get over it. But to hear my mother, who is a minister, use the phrase, "running trains on women" is just too much for my Monday morning ears to bear. It brings to mind all types of questions, that I can't (and won't) get the answers too. In fact, I am willing to write an entire book of phrases, words and sentences that adults can never utter to their children regardless of how old they get. It has to be done. Now more than ever.


Janelle said...

Start writing, son! The only train I want to here your mother and my mother talking about is the subway/metro system. hahahahaa

Blue said...