Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its kind of annoying that in today's climate, you're really not allowed to complain about a job or job-related issues. There are plenty of folks without work who are looking in newspapers, looking online and even asking friends for job leads, and it causes an amazing amount of stress to be in that situation. When someone like me goes around complaining when I basically have two jobs (only one paying), they come off like ungrateful asses, who don't truly take time to appreciate the blessings bestowed upon them. I get all that and while I think its bullshit, I totally undersand that line of thought. This disclaimer of a paragraph has now cleared the way for me to complain.

Right now, in the beautiful, sin-filled city of Las Vegas, there is an NBA summer league taking place. But this isn't just any summer league my friend, this is the league where the Washington Wizards are playing. The usual superstars aren't playing, but the roster is full of young players who are guaranteed a roster spot, and younger players who are trying to make it. Also in attendance in Vegas are coaches, general managers, current and ex players and LOTS of media. There are SO many stories to be had out there right now its ridiculous. Players want to talk about what their doing this summer. Coaches and general managers want to pat themselves on the back. Young, hungry players are just happy a member of the media wants to talk to them. Just yesterday, a gentlemen who works for a website I frequent, was able to snag an interview with the Wizards Team President. During the regular season it is virtually impossible to get this kind of access, but in a relaxed summer, Vegas atmosphere, anything is possible.

Meanwhile I am sitting here at the Department of Justice (my paying job I might add) saving the world one minute at a time. There's no basketball being played in my office, unless you count me shooting countless pieces of paper. No one is waiting for me to interview them, and this damn sure ain't Vegas. Again, I am not complaining per se, I just wish I had one extra week of vacation, so I could be in Vegas. I'd spend time with my lady during the day, do basketball related activities during the afternoon and early evening, then gamble like Pete Rose in his prime by night. I may sprinkle in a night or two of Nicolas Cage like drinking, but probably not. It would be about basketball and good clean fun.

Last night while I was on the computer, there was one writer who in particular (whose work I dig) who was live in Vegas watching the game and twittering at the same time, and I just got jealous and angry. I wanted to be there and I was not. I got a headache, I was pacing around the living room, I asked my girl to turn the tv off, because all of a sudden that annoyed me..I was just one big raging mess. This morning, I am much..ok a little calmer about the situation, and I have some perspective but it still sucks. But at the end of the day, there's nothing I can do. At the beginning and the middle I have a good chance of changing my fate, but at the end I'm helpless.

Thank you for "listening"

Dear Michael - Michael Jackson

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Truth About It said...

Well, you were successful in expressing EXACTLY what I've been thinking/feeling.

Thanks ... I guess.