Monday, July 13, 2009

This morning when I arrived at the pool, I noticed that over 100 kids were sleeping on the floor of the gym with sleeping bags. When I asked the woman on duty what was going on, she said that they were campers from another Jewish Community Center, and they'd be leaving later on during the morning. I said to myself as long as they stayed out of my way and didn't clog up the showers, I'd be golden.

When I finished my swim and headed to the shower, the locker room was still completely empty much to my delight. I showered, air dried, and then made a beeline to the bathing-suit-drying machine. So as I am standing there completely naked drying my bathing suit, I suddenly hear commotion, and there are four fully clothed teenagers surrounding me, and the finally conversation works.

Them: Does that really work?
Me (slightly confused by the question): What do you mean?
Them: Is your bathing suit really getting dry?
Me: Absolutely it is
Them (taking steps closer to me): How does that machine work?
Me: You take your bathing suit, you push it in there, close the door, hold it down for however long you need, and then you're all set
Them: You think I could put my towel in there?
Me: Knock yourself out man
Them: That is pretty sweet, thanks dude

Now, at this point my suit was dry, and I just wanted to be free from them, so I turned around and starting walking towards my towel, and these dudes kept looking at me, like I was the Golden Child, and even though I am comfortable with my body and my sexuality, it just felt creepy, and for a minute that Jodie Foster movie came to mind but I turned out ok.

As usual, I don't have a point per se, I just don't understand why people don't respect the same sex nudity boundaries. Unless you're my son (only up to a certain age), or my doctor, there's no need for another man to be close to me while naked. There's just too many things that can go wrong, and not all of them can be easily explained away. Even if you want to look at me for some reason, its a look-at-the-sun glance, the you immediately put your eyes back down, and you high tail it out of there. That is still creepy, and I may still judge you, but at least I'll respect your game plan. Just staring or hanging out is me at least.

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£ said...

i don't get the walking around naked thing. i mean wouldn't it just be easier to put on some draws and then dry your bathing suit/swim trunks?

Don't get me wrong i look good n00d and i'm not(that much of a) prude but i can't just be walking around nekkid in front of strangers. I gots to get dressed quickly. before someone makes a bizarre comment on a mole(see: janelle's blog) or my strategically placed birthmark.

nope. notgonnabeabletodoit.

maxwellsmusze said...

this gym of yours has too many stories involving naked awkwardness. i would be toweled up or hovering in a bathroom stall.

Janelle said...

dude. do you need me to buy you a gym towel?? One that says GIVE ME MY PERSONAL SPACE in bold letters across?? The moral of the story is: cover up the franks and beans and you wouldnt have all this awkwardness. hahahaa

Hahahahahaa @ Lex for referencing my mole.

scout said...

clearly, youre the hottentot of that jewish community center. lol