Monday, August 31, 2009

My lady was laid off from her job back in January, shortly after her major surgery to rid herself of the terrible fibroids that caused such complications during her pregnancy. I had just spoken with her boss the day before, and her boss wanted my lady to know that everyone was thinking and praying about her. I remember thinking to myself, "Well isn't she a nice lady?". The next day when my lady, her mother and I left the hospital and came back home, my lady got a call saying she had been laid off. The fact that she got laid off was not a total shocker given the climate and the fact that others at her job were also let go, but the manner in which they did it was just tasteless. I remember thinking of numerous unspeakable acts I wanted to commit on her now former employer, but I thought better of it.

As you probably can imagine, her being out of work for almost 9 months, was difficult for everyone involved, but mostly her. I won't delve too deeply into the tough moments we endured, but it was definitely a challenge both individually and collectively. To add insult to injury, we would constantly see news reports on how tough it was to find jobs in this economy. We'd both be sitting there like "Uh yeah we know all about that buddy!". We were even hoping something would come through for her prior to our vacation two weeks ago, but it wasn't meant to be. Still, we put our heads down and powered through.

Then last Thursday I came home from work, and my lady asked about my day, and we engaged in our typical post-work conversation. Then she casually mentioned that she had found a job, and her first day was Monday (today), and all was well with the world again. I smiled, she smiled, we celebrated, and now today she ventures back into the work force. I joked around with her yesterday, that due to her nine month unemployment, she was not allowed to complain for at least another nine months.

I am proud and happy for her, and I hope you are too.

A Tale of Two - Eric Roberson


sixfive said...

damn that is really rough, but congrats to her for finding something!

scout said...

Fabulous news! Congrats to her and kudos to you for hanging in there as well.