Thursday, August 06, 2009

So about a week and a half ago, one of my favorite authors, Mr. Bill Simmons, wrote an article on In the article, he discussed the NBA free agency period, but he did so by using scenes and quotes from his favorite movie of the decade, "Almost Famous". When I initially read the article, I was slightly intrigued by his mentioning this movie, because I had never seen it, and when I googled, I found out that the director (Cameron Crowe) also directed Jerry Maguire. But since the article also discussed the NBA, I focused mainly on that aspect, and I mentally disregarded it afterwards.

About 2 hours later when I got home and checked my email, my main man Sabin, emailed me and asked if I read the article. He said that the article made him want to see Almost Famous, and he even threw out suggestions for movies that could also be juxtaposed with the NBA, which was/is a damn good idea. After he sent that email, I re-read the article, and I said, you know what? I think I do want to see this movie. I asked my lady if she had seen it, and she said it had been awhile, but she definitely wanted to see it again. That night I put in on my Netflix queue, and a couple days later, it arrived.

Last night we finally watched the movie, and I was not disappointed. And even though the movie mainly surrounded around a type of music I am not deeply knowledgeable about (rock), it was presented in such a way, that I was able to follow and appreciate the characters, the plot and the music. For two hours I was captivated by what I saw, and I was even sitting there thinking about what band I would want to follow and write about (easily The Roots).

The first thing I did after the movie, was pull up the original article that Bill Simmons had written almost two weeks ago now, and I finally was able to appreciate it the way he probably intended. So if you're scoring at home (or if you're alone), I read the article three times, I talked about it with my boy, rented the movie and watched it with my lady, and now I'm blogging about it as well. That's a lot of mileage to get out of one article, but ultimately, I think that's what writers want right? They want to be read, they want to be influential, and they want to know that people feel what they write.

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

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