Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whether I am at a hotel, out to eat, in my work building or at my place of residence, I always make sure to speak to "the help". It can be the janitor, the person cleaning off my table, the bathroom cleaners, or the security guards in the lobby, it really doesn't matter to me, its important to acknowledge the people who otherwise would not get recognized. Plus, the next time you see them, they speak to you, and a "friendship" is born. As my friend's father taught me, not only do you not know who is watching you, but you never know who you're talking to at any given time. One day this person is "the help", and the next day, they could hit the lottery, and then remember how nice you were, when you didn't have to be. Sound like a long shot? That's because it is, but still, you never know.

So yesterday I was meeting a friend for lunch, and I looked in front of me and noticed an older woman cleaning off tables. She cleaned off dishes at three different tables, and no one bothered to say hello, hi, thank you or anything, and this bothered me. How hard is it to acknowledge someone who is cleaning up the mess that you made? So when this lady made her way past my field of vision, I looked at her and smiled and said hello..and she kept walking.

No hi, no hello, no head-nod, no nothing. And I know she saw and heard me, because she looked me dead in the face, and I wasn't that far away. I wanted to stand up and say, "Well f**k you then", but I'm a Christian, so I could not go that route. But how dare she ignore me, when I've been such a champion of her types of causes for so many years? And to make things worse, I saw her twice more before I left, and she didn't even give me eye contact. I wasn't creepy when I said hi, and I wasn't staring down her shirt, I simply wanted to acknowledge her, and she treated me like Stanley.

I'm going back to the restaurant very soon, and she WILL speak, or I snap her photo, and put it up on my blog. I give you my word.


scout said...

That's kind of you to acknowledge them, Rashad, and some of them may even appreciate you for it. But they don't have to. That lady might've found you condescending, maybe she hates her job,you never know. If I were you I'd shrug my shoulders and KIM. She doesn't have to appreciate you acknowledging her, lol. Your only concern is that you did what you felt was noble, right? Are you looking to be rewarded for it as well? ;)

rashad said...

You damn right I want to be rewarded for my nobility. I'm not nice that often.

scout said...

LMAO!! Gotta respect that! Maybe show her that you're different from the rest of her patrons by stopping her and giving her a compliment or something? Just a suggestion. Like
"I just want to say that I truly appreciate blah blah blah." THAT might force her to smile. It'll definitely force her to acknowledge you AND remember you.