Tuesday, September 08, 2009

For the past 10 years, whenever he is on the radio, I have done my best to listen to my main man Tony Kornheiser. He does what I consider to be the perfect radio show. It centers around sports, but he certainly doesn't limit himself or his guests to just that. He'll talk about American Idol, he'll talk about politics both national and local (DC), he'll make fun of Ann Curry (who is very annoying), and many other things that I cannot remember. Tony has a core group of guests who he is comfortable with, and rarely does he venture out of that comfort zone. And the most important aspect of his show is that he does NOT interview athletes. In his very valid opinion, most athletes are boring to interview, and 90% of what they say is littered with cliches (giving 110%, taking one game at a time, it is what it is, at the end of the day etc). He wants people with substance, and it just so happens that his friends have that and more. So why am I going to great lengths to mention this?

Today, after a 16 month hiatus, Tony is back on the radio with his great show. And guess who will be missing the show? Me. The show streams live on the Internet, but they block that kind of thing here at my job, so that strikes down the first option. I meant to bring a radio from home so I could listen to the show, but I was in such a daze this morning, because it was the first day after a holiday. So now I will have to duck and dodge certain websites I usually visit, so they won't mess everything up by mentioning the particulars of today's show. I hate missing out on the fun, but it certainly looks like that's how its going down today. I suppose I could go purchase a cheap clock-radio, but that seems like a waste of time. But if anyone would like to donate on to me, that would be terrific.

One of my favorite Chaka Khan song/videos..


£ said...

Good Stuff. My first exposure to Kornheiser was many moons ago by means of an ex who is a PTI devotee.( I happened to be interrupting while he was watching. lol. he suggested I join him and watch... et voila! a fan was born.) I like dude a lot. you know about my sports radio thing, so i'll def check for tony, it'll be a nice change up from the relentless bloviation of angelo cataldi (whom I love to hate. lol)

btw... "it is what it is" is one of those phrases that can die a slow and painful death.

rashad said...

Well Lex if you do check out his radio show, tell me how you like it..just wait until tomorrow which is when i will have heard it.