Saturday, September 05, 2009

I have made a concerted effort over the past 6 or 7 months to carefully monitor my food intake. I've cut out the fried foods, cut down on sweets, drank more water and less drinks with sugar, and it has been successful, since I've lost 25lbs since January 1st. However, every now and then I miss the old way I used to eat, and the carefree nature with which I used to do it. Today was one of those days, and so my lady(it was actually her idea) and I ventured over to the historic Florida Avenue Grill in NW DC.

If you haven't heard of the Fla. Ave Grill, they are famous for having some of the best soul food in D.C. Once you set foot in that place, you can forget about staying faithful to any diet you've been adhering to, and that's exactly what I did. I had salmon cakes, macaroni and cheese (which was kind of lackluster), greens, cornbread with butter not margarine, and lemonade full of sugar not Splenda. I topped off the meal with a healthy serving of sweet peach cobbler. And you know what? There was not an ounce of guilt in my body, just lots of fatty foods and I am glad I did it. My lady and I left there, and made that 13 block walk back home just to work off the food, but again it was worth it. I'll resume healthy eating tomorrow.

While my lady and I were sitting there we both commented that we didn't know how the hell people ate like this every day. All the sugar, the calories, the cholesterol, etc. But we all know people who do just that, and end up having health issues from their late 40s and beyond. Then we started talking about which family members we could visit to enjoy this type of meal every now and then, and we realized that pool is dwindling. Family members have died, are in poor health, or they simply don't have the energy to drum up a spread of food the way they used to. And people like my grandmother didn't write down ingredients or use measuring cups, they just whipped things up from memory, which makes duplication next to impossible. Those talents just die with the person and it sucks...but I digress. The point of this entry was to gloat about my soul food even as I type this with my stomach poked way the hell out, I am still happy.

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