Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just last week I wrote about how disgruntled I was at the notion that I had to work at my regular job, during a notable Washington Wizards related event. As disgruntled as I was then, I was very happy and gruntled yesterday while covering Washington Wizards Media Day. Read all about it here. I had a great time, and I am excited as a straight man should be about watching other men play basketball.

While I was at that event, a gentleman who also covers the Wizards and reads my blog, asked me why I even bothered writing a blog in addition covering the Wizards. In his opinion (not mine I swear), I did excellent writing for Hoops Addict, and he thinks I am well on my way to being a successful writer with a lucrative career (a bit ambitious but I'll take it). On the flip side, he said that my blog, while entertaining and funny, almost undermines any sports writing that I do. And in his view, if someone who reads my basketball writing happens to stumble on my blog, they may get a different impression of me or get offended, and then stop reading my basketball writings. These were all very fair points, and its something that I've talked about with editor at Hoops Addict, my lady and others. The bottom line? I'm not giving up the blog.

One of the things I admire most about some of my favorite sports personalities (Tony Kornheiser, Ralph Wiley, Michael Wilbon, John Feinstein etc..) is their versatility. I love hearing their opinions on any number of sporting events, but I also like hearing what they have to say about "regular" events away from the world of sports. I like knowing that my "heroes" don't simply operate in a sports vacuum, and when I get glimpses of how they feel about other issues..whether they be important or mundane, it only enhances their sports articles. Now I don't know if I even come close to achieving the lofty praise I'm heaping on my idols, but that's what and who I am aiming to be.

So, if I want to write about a a text message involving a handjob, the greatness of Michael Jackson or a devastating fire, I should be able to do that. It shouldn't detract from my sports related articles, it hopefully just shows people that yes Rashad likes writing about basketball, but he's also crazy and likes to write about that. And yes, I've elevated myself into that rare third person air.

Legend - Nelly Furtado


Kyle said...

Damn ... who said that?

Yea, don't stop blogging here.

maxwellsmusze said...

he sounds like a real know it all! gotta love that. keep on blogging. one has nothing to do with the other in my humble opinion.