Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let me tell you, there is nothing more terrifying than a bird flying directly at you. Your first instinct is to just stand there trying to act unfazed, because in your irrational mind you think that this rational bird will obey the unwritten rule. This rule states that I will fly over and around you and if you humans come towards me while I'm walking, I will scurry and fly away as well. Birds follow these rules 90% of the time, and even though they let a little excrement slip out on to unsuspecting cars, clothes and hands (shoutout to my brother Jamal), we let it slide, because they don't attack. But in that 10% of the time, when they choose to fly in the(my)face of conventional wisdom, and put the fear of death of in you at high speeds, it is no joke.

Just before I came in the building, I noticed two birds hovering over a piece of bread, and after a brief struggle, one bird emerged as the breadwinner. It instantly flew away at a high speed, and the loser of the bread fight, was right behind him..picture a Coyote/Roadrunner situation. Well it just so happens, both birds were flying at me pretty damn quickly, but I kept my cool gait going, because I thought these were 90% birds, not 10. But the notion that these birds were crazy was quickly revealed unto me, and I literally had to duck to get out of their way. I looked back, and the birds were zigging and zagging all over the damn place...It was an outrage. By the way, I wonder if people across the street, who only saw me ducking, bobbing and weaving, and not the birds, thought I was crazy and insane..Like when a bee or a gnat is buzzing around, but the people from a distance don't see this, they just a crazy person flailing around..

I also would like to mention my dream last night so that someone smart can interpret this for me. The dream started off with my lady, me and the realtor, sitting at a table, closing on a house. This wasn't just any house though, this was the last house my parents, my brother and I lived in as a family. I remember walking in the house and being overcome with various emotions. Then I told my lady I was going for a run, and during my run, I ran by at least 20 dogs being walked by their owners. None of the owners said a word to me, but all 20 dogs spoke to me. Some said hello, others complimented me on my new house, and one dog asked me how my lady was doing. The crazy part of this dream is that it didn't bother, surprise or startle me one bit that these dogs were talking to me in very articulate voices (on a side note, maybe the guy who delivers dreams, sent this to me by mistake, instead of his intended target, Michael Vick). Anyway, the dream ended when a guy with a one eye and a dog, looked at me and starting yelling, and then I abruptly woke up. What the hell does this mean?


Janelle said...

The bird story is funny as hell!! Come on, it I told a story about birds flying at me like you would be laughing as well!!

As for your dream, it seems to me that returning to the place where you last felt like a family unit with your lady means that you feel like a family unit with her, that your relationship feels more like a family thing than a transient boyfriend/ladyfriend thing. As for the talking dogs, and lack of surprise? Ummm, were you watching Family Guy yesterday?? hahahahahaa

Kyle said...

Something about how in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king ... question is, what was that crazy cat yelling.

....: blue :.... said...

It means that you shouldn't eat so close to bed time. LOL.