Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My favorite first day of school was back in 1989. I had just finished junior high the previous school year, and now I had graduated to 10th grade, which meant I'd be in my first year of high school, but I wasn't at all nervous. 1989 was to be the first year my high school was to include a ninth grade so I was not at all worried that I would be picked on as the lowest grade on the food chain. Also, I knew the students who were going to be in the 11th grade, from when I was in junior high, so i felt like high school was going to be a breeze. Then there was my first day of school attire.

Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing had come out during the summer, but the movie and the soundtrack were still on my mind by the time school started. I had a fresh Do the Right Thing t-shirt I wore on the first day, and I distinctly remember listening to Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" during my walk to school that day.

The shoes I had on that day were especially important, because it had taken me all damn summer to find them. I was a huge James Worthy fan back then, so it was imperative that I had his shoes. Back then everyone seemed to be obsessed with Jordans, so I thought I would be cool if I rocked the Worthys. Plus my father wasn't paying for $100 Jordans, so I really had no choice. So when the first day of school came, and I had these on, you couldn't tell me I wasn't cool.

Of course because I am old now, that is all I can remember about the first day of school. But I do remember that 10th grade year being very significant for me personally. I made the basketball ball team, I wrote for the newspaper, I played in the jazz and marching bands, and I had a girlfriend for about a week. But the first day still sticks out, only because that's the day that takes the most thought and planning.

I've Got It - Ledisi


Sab D said...

The "Worthys" ... man, that's some serious NBA fan love. Glad you didn't rock the goggles too.

£ said...

its funny you should write about this topic cuz I was just commenting earlier this morning about how it felt and looked like a school day.

no particular outfit is standing out for me, but I remember that I would always have about 2 or 3 days worth of new gear to start of the new school session. There were five of us so NO one was getting a brand new wardrobe. It was up to me whether I was gonna ration it out, or just wear the new outfits back to back and then be stuck rocking my old clothes. Of course I always wore my new ensembles those first few days. I couldn't help it.

Oh wait... I do remember one outfit. Freshman year, 9th grade.. I had a mondrian-esque print trapeze shirt, and these purple rayon blend(remember rayon was THE fabric?) shorts. I wore that tragedy on the first day. It was my first time taking the bus alone and I remember being at the stop all scared, but thinking that at least my outfit looked good. lol. Looking back I looked a mess but at the time you couldn't tell me nothing. I think my parents have a picture of that awful outfit. lol

rashad said...

I really want to see this pic. Both the streets and me need to see it.

sixfive said...

damn. Me and my 1989 self are jealous of your Do the Right Thing tee.

Janelle said...

I remember what I wore every year for the first day of school....a uniform. hahahahahahaha