Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 2 with the son observations

1)My son is physically built JUST like me..not like the way I was built when I was his age, because I was a skinny child, but he's built the way I'm built now. We threw the football around yesterday, and I was amazed at his speed and his strength. I won't jinx him by saying collegiate sports are in his future, but collegiate sports are in his future

2)At 12 years old, he requires periods of solitude and I get and respect that. A couple times yesterday, he wanted to go into the room by himself and watch tv or read the newspaper, and I TOTALLY got that, because I was the same way at his age and even now as an adult. The kneejerk reaction was for me to get offended that during this limited amount of time with me, he wanted to be alone. But I get it and understand it.

3) There is no greater feeling, than watching football all damn day with your son, and having eloquent discussions about the intricacies of each game. There will be time for reading, educational activities, and spending time with extended family, but yesterday was all about football, and we had a ball.

And at the end of the day...

he crashed..

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Sab D said...

No McNabb jersey on the sleeping boy? Or are you doing the parental thing and allowing him space to pick his own favorite player?

Enjoy this time man!