Friday, October 02, 2009

A few months ago, my lady said she saw Congresswoman Maxine Waters outside of our apartment, and we both found that odd and fascinating at the same time. But to be honest I really hadn't thought too much about it..until this morning.

This morning I left for the pool at 5:40 am, and as soon as I stepped outside my apartment, I noticed an older black woman trying to hail a cab on the corner. Initially I was just going to walk past her, but then she turned around, and it was Maxine Waters!!! I took my headphones out of my ear, and I went up to her and said, "Hello Ms. Waters, how are you?". I don't know whether I looked angry, or if she was just startled to be getting groupie love at 5am, but she didn't look very pleased to see me. She said in a very stern voice, "Hello young man!", and she attempted to walk right past me, but I wasn't going out that easily. I mean how often is there a Congresswoman just wandering outside your apartment at 5am??? I then asked her, "Do you want me to catch a cab for you, its not safe for you to be out here solo?" Now, after I asked her this, that hard look she had previously given softened a bit, and she smiled and said, "That's very sweet of you, but I'm ok." She then asked me if I lived in the area, and I told her I lived in the building right behind her and she just said ok. Then her cab came, we said our goodbyes, and I headed towards the pool, and she waved at me. You'd have thought that I had just seen Michael Jackson or something, because I was smiling all the way to the gym. And she looks damn good for a 71 year old woman.

In hindsight, I should have given her my card and taken hers. Knowing people like her can only assist in my goal to be famous and take over the world.


Sab D said...

An old campaign slogan ( I think):

"Don't mess with the hood @ you won't trouble the WATERS"

Janelle said...

I hope she's not involved in some kind of scandal-gate for her to be out there at 5 something in the morning. hahahahahaa