Monday, October 26, 2009

First off, let me say that I'm off today, and if you are off too, then congrats, if not, I am not-so-silently mocking you.

Now, about a month ago, I openly mocked my lady's purchase of a brand, spanking new crockpot. She had mounted quite a persuasive campaign for why we needed a crockpot, and since I am pretty much naive to such things, I agreed thinking exciting things were going to be produced out of this device. However, for a good month, the crockpot simply sat in our kitchen. I kicked it by accident several times, I put my drink on it as a resting place, and I even sat on it one day as I typed on my laptop. All these uses were certainly valid and creative, but I was pretty damn sure this was not its original intent when it found its way into my damn apartment.

While my son was here, I suggested to my lady, that we have chili for dinner, and she took it one step further by suggesting we (meaning she) make it in the crockpot and I agreed. For whatever reason it didn't happen until yesterday, and man was it worth it. Around 11am, after she cooked breakfast (by the way I do cook and I have cooked, so this isn't a one-sided, Betty and Don Draper situation), she gathered all the chili ingredients (ground turkey, no beef) and put them in the crockpot. For the first two hours or so, I actually forgot something was cooking. But right around the end of the first quarter of the 1:00 football games, I started smelling the chili and getting hungry. It reminded me of Thanksgiving day, when you can smell the turkey cooking during football. And then once we ate the chili (with cornbread) it was a beautiful thing. Everything tasted lovely, and while I'm sure non-crockpot chili would have tasted grand, for the purposes of this blog entry, I'm going to act as if the crockpot version was better--because it was.

So I can no longer clown my lady about this damn crockpot. It works, its real and its spectacular.

Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield


tia said...

where's the recipe?

rashad said...

The lady will have to do a guest blog for that, i have no idea what the hell it was..

Kyle said...

You sat on that thing? Damn. Seems painful.

rashad said...

It was in the box..had i sat on that thing sans the box, it would be a Frank Constanza/proctologist situation..

....: blue :.... said...

yay! crockpot victory at last!

Janelle said...

Despite you're disclaimer, I'm feeling the silent mocking. hahahaha

So the question is: what will YOU be making in the crockpot??? CHALLENGE!! hahahahaaa

I love that pat benatar song. Seriously.