Friday, October 16, 2009

I've watched this Where The Wild Things Are trailer a grand total of three times, since it started airing. Twice on my television, and once in the movie theater while I waited for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to start, and my conclusion remains the same: It is creepy. What made the book so good when I was younger, was not just the words, but the pictures, and then my own imagination of how the story should be interpreted. It never seemed creepy to me at all. Now I'm much older, and I see this trailer, and I think to myself, there is no way in hell I'm watching this in the movie theater in 3D. Each of the "Where the Wild Things Are creatures" look like giant Snuffleupaguses running around like crazy animals, and it just disturbs me. I'm sure the movie is sweet and touching, but I am very glad my son deemed it as too much of a kids movie for him. Perhaps they should have just animated it..

I have purchased my tickets for MJ's, "This Is It" movie that comes out in a week and a half or so, and words can't describe how pumped I am. I have ordered the soundtrack on vinyl, I have done my very best to memorize the choreography in the This Is It trailer, and I've played the "new" single over and over again. However, there is one thing about this movie trailer that deeply disturbs me. MJ does NOT look sickly at all. He doesn't look frail, his movements don't look labored, his voice doesn't bad for 50 year old guy, and to be honest, he looked WAY more animated than he had in his public appearances leading up to that point. It makes the way he died look that much more shady, and as good as it will feel to watch him on the big screen, there will be some sadness on my part too. But I'll still be there on Wednesday, Oct 28th like the MJ fanatic I am.

Oh, and I think my lady sleepwalked last night, and I am now afraid. Very afraid.


a. o. mcclyde said...

are u using youtube video's in your blog? because i see white boxes of nothingness. and i'm wondering if the nothingness is in fact a video of your performing the choreography that you've been practicing.

rashad said...

why yes, yes it is youtube i'm using. the footage of my choreography will be sold alongside "Street Sense" at a Metro station near you..