Friday, October 23, 2009

So one of the people I actually like in my office had a birthday yesterday, so for once I did not mind contributing $10 towards her cause. In fact, not only did I not mind, but I was in charge of both sending out the email and collecting money. Two people gave me their money last week, one person gave me their money on Wednesday, and the last person said they would give me their money yesterday. Now before I continue, it is worth noting that the birthday girl and the last woman to give me her money do NOT get along. Keep that in mind.

So, yesterday afternoon, after spending a good 10 minutes with my boss, I go back to my desk, and I hear Leslie(the woman who owes me money) call my name. Now to paint a picture, there is a rather tall cubicle separating Leslie and I, and we often talk to each other over it, but not too much. So since I heard her calling my name, I answered her back, and she told me that she didn't feel like walking over to me to bring me the money...Before she could get out the "y" in money, I noticed that she had thrown an envelope with her money in it over the cubicle and on the floor about a foot from me. Let me repeat, she THREW the money at me.

Now, we were at work, and as furious as I was, and as many curses as I wanted to utter, I had to keep in mind that professionalism is first and foremost--even when there is no trace of reciprocity. So I chuckled, told Leslie she was a class act, and took her f**king money. Then, I proceeded to talk to my lady and two other people who are more mature and cool-headed than I am to see what action I could and should take. There were a few options on the table

1)Put everyone else's money in the birthday card, and just pocket Leslie's $10 (my idea)
2)Put everyone else's money in the birthday card, and leave Leslie $10 on the floor where she threw it, and ask her to come get her money (also my idea)
3)Put every one's money in the envelope and pull her aside later (not my idea)

So I begrudgingly opted for option #3, I put every one's money in the card, and kept it moving..kind of. During the course of the day, Leslie had to bring me work, and I would say, "Oh you got your legs back under you.." or "Will you be making it rain again?" and she would get this evil look on her face, and I was daring her to say something..but she said nothing.

Then at the end of the day, I was in the copier room with Leslie and one other guy. As I was making copies, Leslie gave me the tried and true bullshit apology which goes as follows, "Sorry if I offended you by throwing the money at you Rashad, but I didn't feel like getting up." Now, when someone hits you with the "sorry if I offended you but" you know instantly that a)they don't mean it and b)the second half of the sentence is where the truth lies. The following exchange ensued. Please keep in mind that Leslie is heavily in the church and does not curse at all

Me: I'm not easily offended Leslie
Leslie: good
Me: But that was a jackass move and you know it?
Leslie: excuse me?
Me: You acted like a jackass, but you knew that, otherwise you wouldn't have offered up that bullshit apology
Leslie: My apologies are not b.s., and you need to check your tone
Me: My tone is calm, your apology was some bullshit, but I accept it nonetheless
Leslie: Again my apologies are sinc-
Me: We're done here Leslie, go on home, and tomorrow we can act like it didn't happen
Leslie: whatever man

Now, perhaps I was wrong for peppering my sentences with expletives..perhaps I should have continued to take the high road and just accepted her apology. I don't really know. But I do know that I STILL feel like she got away with murder, and I feel like I need to be petty for another week just to even things out. But I've been told by my mature coalition, that I cannot do that...I can't make any promises. I CAN promise that I will no longer be contributing any money to any birthday. They can kiss my ass.

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soft and subtle said...

You have me LMAO this morning. I agree with your consultants; you don't have to say anymore....your comments earlier said enough. Trust me, she went home thinking about her actions and probably questioned some of her family/friends about the situation. 9 out of 10, they told her she was wrong and you probably had the right to be perturbed. On the other hand, they probably sided with her and said that you could've left out the derogatory language and been more mature about the matter. Personally, I think your comments to Ms. Leslie were brilliant and in true “Rashad fashion". lol Oh how I’ve missed reading your blogs; they're so damn funny. Oh no, did I just curse. lol