Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm starting to get a little self-conscious about all this self-promotion I'm doing on this blog, on facebook and via twitter. I wonder if people see me pushing an article or an interview and say, "Damn we get it man, leave us alone." That's a sentiment that I have frequently expressed when people flood me with me things they have done or accomplished, and it is indeed annoying at times. But then I tell myself that three years ago, I had nothing to push, nothing to promote, and nothing to brag about except this blog(and even that only had a few readers) I feel a little better I suppose. Plus in my humble defense, if you visit a blog where the person's name is in the url, can you really expect anything but narcissism? Still its a fine line to be walking, and I am very conscious of it. I don't have the arrogant trait, and I'd like to keep it that way. But if I don't push myself, who will? I'm torn here.

I forgot to thank Janelle for coming to DC this past weekend to hang with my lady and I. For me, and apparently no one else, its always a scary proposition when world's collide and friends meet. When you throw in an opposite sex friend, it can get even more hairy, but it went very smooth, and I'm happy about that. Crisis averted. While I'm doing shoutouts, I'd like to shoutout my lady's friend Isha, who was nice enough to take my lady to go see the Biggie-in-drag movie that I refuse to see. You are a champion of honesty!

Building A Mystery - Sarah McLachlan


Miss. Lady said...

*chokes on tea* Did you say Biggie in drag??? LMAO!

£ said...

LOL @ biggie-in-drag. Young...I'm done. DONE. I can't with you today. That aint right. lol

I'm with you as far as FB Twitter et al are concerned. Then again, I don't have much to promote.

as far as you're concerned - you're building an audience, a brand if you will. you may be promoting, but you're not self aggrandizing. keep on with the keeping on. Besides, if it gets to be too much, I'm sure somebody will tell you :-)

Janelle said...

Wow my name and Biggie in drag in the same blog??!!! NIIIIICE!!! Thanks, BLD!!! hahahahahaa

Hey, without self love or self promotion, nothing would get accomplished. So go, ahead toot your own horn son! (that's what she said..hhahahahhaaa)

amy said...

promote away man! this is your place where you get to do what you want.