Friday, November 20, 2009

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So earlier this week my brother called me up, and told me that he was absolutely irate, and it was regarding my nephew. He hadn't gotten in trouble, he wasn't struggling with his grades, and he had not peed on himself uncontrollably. No my friends, the call regarding my nephew had to do with something that happened to him.

Another boy kissed him.

Now, my brother was extremely irate, as you'd expect any father of a three year old to be. One, he was angry because he never particularly cared for the mother of the boy who kissed his son. Two, because over the course of this school year, he had gotten a good look at this kid kisser, and he'd made the conclusion that this kid, even at the "tender" age of three, was a bit "suspect". And the third reason my brother was mad was..well another boy kissed his son for God's sake.

So of course when this happened, my brother called the smartest, most caring and sensitive person in the world to navigate him through these water, and that was me. I told him that he needed to 1)Talk to his son about appropriate and inappropriate touching 2)Talk to the parents of this child and 3)Talk to the teacher(s) about monitoring this type of behavior. Students should not be repeatedly touched against their well regardless of their sex, and teachers should be sensitive to that. And no, I cannot back this up with a BIT of expertise. Perhaps my main man Sabin can.
Anyway the one thing I told my brother NOT to do was to get visibly angry, so that his son felt shamed or got angry, because that could bring on a whole host of scary behavioral issues. That concluded the serious portion of the conversation. The humorous part went like this

Jamal: Rashad, can I ask you a question? (note, my brother doesn't just ask questions, he asks if he can ask you a question, then he asks. THAT is covering all your bases)
Me: Yeah what's up?
Jamal: Did your son's mother ever have a problem with someone kissing on him
Me: You said what now?
Jamal: Did another boy ever kiss your son when he was younger?
Me: Uh no..he was involved in a little something we like to call sports my brother
Jamal: Man f**k you
Me: That's what you get for living in Atlanta too long
Jamal (laughing and crying at the same time): Man this is bullsh*t
Me: Why yes..yes it is

By the way, I supposed I should have gained the proper signatures and clearance from my brother before writing this..but he wrote about this on facebook, so he's fair game.

I love you man. And kiss my nephew for me would you? I hear he's into that.


soft and subtle said...

Wow.... that's nothing but the DEVIL!!!! What kind of mess is that.... you're lucky you spoke to Jamal because I would've gone totally off. Well, that's not all together true. I encountered an incident like that last year sometime. I caught my 7yr old niece being kissed by my 6yr old step-niece (from another marriage) during a sleep over. I almost lost it but I had to maintain my cool. After I forcefully demanded for them to separate and interrogated them, I calmed down and had a one on one serious conversation with each girl; and then told their parents. Till this day, those two NEVER sleep together; they stay separate. I did realize that my 6yr old step-niece was a bit more physical (without putting the title "promiscuity" on her).

Just make sure Jamal REALLY keeps an eye on his son’s classmates, associates, and friends. They need to put prayer back in schools; all hell has broke lose....and Rashad, you’re so wrong for your last statement to Jamal. "And kiss my nephew for me would you? I hear he's into that." that was just wrong Rashad....just

rashad said...

Prayer in the schools huh?

soft and subtle said...

Please refer to your mother regarding that subject. If you don't already know what I mean by that; I don't have the time to break it down.

rashad said...

Oh i know what it means, but prayer in the school is not three year old same sex kissing repellent..

£ said...

Fam, you cold. SMH

Though you're not gonna win awards in the sensitivity dept :-) you actually did manage to give your brother good advice. lol :-)

amy said...