Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here is my issue of the day..

My son is 12, he will be 13 in August, and he is currently lobbying hard for new cellphone. He has a basic remedial phone right now, and it is a prepaid phone at that. I bought it for him two years ago, and for the most part he has been pretty good at using it, and I briefly touched on that in this entry But now that he is more "grown", he wants to upgrade to this phone, and he wants a real phone, not a prepaid one.

The Pros of me caving into my son are pretty damn formidable. This will be yet another tool to teach my son to be responsible, I won't have to refill his minutes on a continual basis, and he will be winning the ever important war of 12 year olds to see who has the best cell phone. The cons? He could run up the bill to an insane dollar amount, or he could lose the phone as he did 4 or 5 times this year alone. I normally don't take advice from people regarding issues related to my son, but on this one, I am on the fence. Feel free to weigh and help me out.


Sab D said...

Can the compromise be getting him the flyest, dopest, freshest (not term used by 12 yr olds) pre-paid phone and getting the real action when he is 15?

Man this sounds like when I begged my mom for some Top Tens and she got me some High Fives (I kept 'em clean though!)

good luck on this one man

Jazzbrew said...

This is a tough one my man. My vote is with Sab D... if he hadn't lost a few phones already I'd be more likely to spring for the new joint.

Maybe tell him that you'll get him a new funky fresh phone for his birthday if he doesn't lose this one.

Jamal said...

I agree with them both. If he has a tendency to lose phones you may want to wait champ.

amy said...

another vote for sticking with the pre-paid. jazzbrew has a great idea there with proving he is responsible enough for a new one (for his birthday).