Monday, January 18, 2010

I had the following conversation at a bar this weekend with an obviously inebriated older white guy. I was simply trying to order drinks, but he had other ideas.

Him: Hey man what's going on my name is Bobby (extends a hand with bbq sauce on it)
Me: What's going Bobby? (extends a fist for a pound)
Him: You know, you look just like Eddie Murphy?
Me: What?
Him: Dude, you look just like Eddie Murphy?
Me: Did my wallet give me away?
Him: What?
Me: Never mind, If I look like Eddie Murphy, you look like Morgan Freeman
Him: Who the f**k is that?
Me: He's Eddie Murphy's father
Him: Oh wow, that means I look your father..
Me: Nice meeting you sir
Him(while trying to do the Eddie laugh): You too bro.

I gave this poor guy a pass because a)he smell like some kind of cheap beer and b)it was kind of humorous. But in my 34 years of walking this Earth, I have NEVER been compared to Eddie Murphy by man or woman..sober or drunk. I suppose that's compliment, but its mostly misguided.

I have a Wizards game to attend and cover in a few hours, and short of asking players about the significance of MLK day to them (which originally seemed like a good idea, now it seems trite) I am not sure how to "celebrate" the King holiday. Do I go do some type of service right after the game? Do I give more money to the struggling people in Haiti? Do I watch some of his rarer speeches? Do I get on twitter and facebook, and watch person after person get on their high horse about what I should be doing? I honestly don't know which of my options to tackle, but I feel bad for not having a game plan.

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scout said...

HAhahaha! that's too funny.