Monday, January 04, 2010

Yesterday's football games were boring for the most part, and the game I really wanted to see (Eagles/Cowboys) was not on in my area, because the powers-that-be thought it was more important for me to watch the meaningless Redskins/Chargers game (sorry jazzbrew). Because of this, I pretty much abandoned late afternoon/early evening football, and decided to read the Sunday version of the Washington Post (which I recently started getting delivered...again).

The articles in the paper ranged from the depressing to the asinine but overall it was a good read. I eventually made my way to the Metro section of the paper to learn of all the things going on locally. I typically skip this section, because this is where they discuss the murders and crimes that have gone down in my city, but I navigated my way through this section incident free..until I got to the last few pages.

The last few pages of the Metro section were filled with pictures, dates, and paragraphs having to do with people who either recently died or people who were "celebrating" their death date (I believe they are called obits), and it was just downright creepy. In these pictures I saw smiling faces, faces that looked like they had endured pain, and faces that only a mother could love, and honestly, I probably could have taken one or two of these, but to look at 30-40 dead faces on two different pages was too much. I said aloud to my lady, "Why do they even need to have this in the paper?". And I still don't have a good answer...Although I do remember when my grandmother was still alive, she'd look at the obits to see if someone she knew had died without her knowing and sometimes she'd clip the article out and save it..but in retrospect that was creepy too grandma. I can also remember reading the obits from time to time, and saying to myself, "Oh sh*t, he/she died?". But that's a moment I could stand to do without you know?

Perhaps I'm being insensitive..

Anyway, I have two shoutouts today. One, is to my main man Mike Jones, who lost his job when the Washington Times sports section was abruptly discontinued last week. He started his own website on Jan 1st, and since then has done A+ reporting on this Gilbert Arenas situation. My second shoutout is to my main man Sabin who is starting his new job today at our alma mater, THE Hampton University. Good luck to you sir.

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Jazzbrew said...

No need to apologize man. It was meaningless. Unfortunately, considering the outcome of the Eagles/Cowboys game maybe it was a good thing they didn't televise it. I'm hoping the boys in green straighten things out for next week. That's when it counts.