Thursday, February 25, 2010

Considering how I'm not even two years into it, I probably should not complain about the tremendous opportunity and privilege I have had to cover the NBA. But I will. Just for today.

This week is kicking my ass. I've had to cover a game on Monday and Wednesday, and there's another one tomorrow. Each one of those games virtually guarantee a 1am bed time or later, and then the next day I have to hammer out an article, in between trying to work at my regular job. Someone in there I have to find time for myself, my lady, and other things like family, reading, working out, etc. Its not impossible, because I have been doing with varying degrees of success, and I know and work with people who have to do more with less..but f**k them, this is about me right now.

**Sidebar** I hate when people try to minimize my issues by saying things like, "You shouldn't complain, there are people in Haiti who have nothing, and they are keeping a positive attitude." You know what? Good for them. I wish them continued success because what happened to them is tragic. That in no way means I can't complain, maybe it just means I can't complain as long as I'd like. But don't play the Haiti card with me.**End Sidebar**

I woke up this morning, and my body hurt, I wanted to sleep in, but all I was thinking about was a)what am I going to write about today b)when the hell am I going to figure out how to edit video from this flip cam and c)why are there so many damn Wizards home games as of late. And now that I've gotten all that out of my system, I will man up and continue to do this without complaint. I'm having too much fun, but today is just one of those days I suppose.

In what seems to be a daily segment here in my blog, I would like to apologize to the guy who bumped into me, dropped his cell phone down the escalator, and then started cursing loudly and often. You were so busy texting with your head down, that you didn't see me running down the escalator to catch the train. You KEPT your head down and moved from the right side of the escalator where people were standing, and tried to move to the left side where people were walking (I was running). I saw you moving over, but a)I wasn't stopping b)I am not equipped with a horn and c)even I thought I should stop, when I saw you texting with your head down, I swear I sped up. I ran right into your phone, it tumbled down, and the cursing began. As the train sped away with me on it, and you weer picking up the pieces, I felt bad. You gotta keep that head up though...that's what he said.

Phil Collins - I Missed Again


maxwellsmusze said...

please stop terrorizing metro riders!!! we have enough to deal with what with the trains mudering us all one by one. that is all:)

Janelle said...

People are always gonna hit you with the "oh it could be worse" speech because they don't now what else to say or they just want you to feel even worse about your superficial self. hahahahahaa

Seriously, sounds like the Guy Guru needs a vacation. Luckily, the Wizards' season will be over sooner rather than later. hahaha