Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First off, I would like to shout out the older black woman who works at the Jewish Community Center where I swim. I know it has been a good three weeks since I've been swimming, and its possible that you forgot what I look like, even though I've been coming there since January of last year. But when it is 6:03, and the center opens at 6am, and you look outside at me twice and don't open the door, its a problem. And when you leave and come back with the janitor who finally opens the door at 6:05, its a bigger problem. But when I walk by you and say good morning, and you say, "Boy I didn't recognize you, that's why I didn't open the door. I thought you were coming to rob the place or something, you can never be too careful", you deserve to be slapped repeatedly (by another woman of course not me). And your attempt to laugh it off, and then touch my shoulder, was even worse. Tomorrow, I WILL rob you.

I would also like to shout out the woman who hands out the statistics for the Washington Wizards. It won't kill you to say hello just once. I've seen you speak to other staff members, other bloggers, fans, etc, but you refuse to speak to me for some reason. I know you're attractive, and you probably think every man wants your stuck up ass, but its simply not the case. I just want some pleasantries with my stats delivery, is that so hard? The other woman who hands out the stats seems to have grasped this concept, and so has the other guy who does the same job. But you are lagging behind, and its annoying. It you didn't speak to anyone, I'd give less than a flying f**k whether you spoke, but since it seems to be directed towards me, you can GFY.

And lastly, I would like to extend warm greetings and salutations to whoever organized the black history tribute yesterday at the Verizon Center. Yesterday's black history moment celebration, was for a picture of Julius Erving to be shown, as well as announcement that yesterday was his birthday. What the f**k does that have to do with black history month? Dr. J played ball, he was black, his birthday is in February, and BOOM a black history lesson/moment is born? Come on man, do better, and think harder..teach people about the Harlem Rens or something..that's history. I love Dr. J as much as the next man, but come on..

Misunderstanding - Genesis

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