Tuesday, February 02, 2010

For the second time in four days, mother nature has planted her big ass in the way of me seeing my son. Because of the amount of snow that hit the Hampton area, schools are closed for the second consecutive day, which means no field trip, no chaperoning, no nothing. I emailed his teacher for like the fourth time in the past few weeks (I know she has to be annoyed at me constantly introducing myself as Carlton's father, but she'll get over it) and asked her what the backup date is. So now instead of sleeping in and anticipating an opportunity to embarrass my son repeatedly, I'm at my desk on 4 hours of sleep. As I typed this entry, I got an email from his teacher letting me know that his trip is now scheduled for tomorrow. Good times!

By the way, let me take some time to promote myself. To the three of you who actually like the basketball, you can go here tomorrow night and chat online with me during the Wizards/Knicks game. I did this a few months ago, but it sucked, because it was a Friday night, and nobody cared. Hopefully Wednesday night will be different. Even if you don't like me, basketball or the Wizards, you can still say hi just to boost my numbers and my approval ratings. Also, here is my article from last night.

I also forgot to shout out my main man Kurt Elling yesterday. Kurt, who I've been trying to get everyone in the world to listen to since I discovered him in 2007, won his first Grammy for his wonderful cd entitled, "Dedicated To You", which was his tribute to the Johnny Hartman/John Coltrane that came out in 1963. I highly suggest you buy both of them, and then I suggest you buy Kurt's whole collection and you can thank me later. You can read the paper on Sunday morning while you watch it snow and listen to his music, you can have passionate sex to his music, or you can just sit there with your headphones on and admire his work. It doesn't matter to me, just trust me and buy it. That's my ringing endorsement of Mr. Elling.

And now to bring my point home even further, I will link one of Mr. Elling's songs entitled, "A New Body and Soul". He took the jazz classic, "Body and Soul" and added his own lyrics.

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