Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I have discovered a new level of crazy on this my second consecutive day home from work (4th day home overall). It is the craziness that comes from getting a text from your lady saying, "I just saw the grocery truck!" I was on my way from the pool, and instead of coming straight home, I went to the grocery store, where clearly other people had seen that same truck. The store was packed, the employees were in the process of stocking the shelves, and people like me were snatching things off at the same time. Considering 12-18 more inches are coming, and we don't know when the next delivery is coming, I had to slightly slip into crazy mode in the store. I spent way more money than I should have too. What does all this mean? I am ready to go back to work tomorrow, but its not bloody likely..

If I didn't live in the heart of the city, where bars, restaurants, grocery stores, the pool, Starbucks, etc were all within one to three blocks, I'd have committed a slew of violent crimes right now. But I do, so everyone lives. And if you happen to be stuck in the house or off from work, check out the new Sade. Its pretty good.

Sade - The Safest Place

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£ said...

im pretty sure this week is a wrap for me as far as work is concerned. today is also my second day off, and if it snows like they say... i can easily see wednesday and thursday being a wash. And friday? well what's the point of coming in then?

i have to make a few runs later and i am dreading the crowds, and their craziness. i should have gone early this morning but my bed was so warm and the sleep was so nice...