Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Hectic Night At The Verizon Center

By the way, let me discuss something that I am extremely disturbed by right now. I don't know how it happens, or why it happens, but ever since I got my new blackberry, the facebook profiles of the people in my phone are magically popping up. I can be receiving a text message, a blackberry message, an email or just an incoming call, and then I'll see facebook profile pictures. In some cases like with my lady or my brother (who has my nephew in his profile pic) I certainly don't mind looking at the profile fact it makes me smile.

But when my boys Kevin, Cliff or Sabin call, I don't want to see their smiling faces all in my phone. There something not right about getting a phone call or a text from your boy, and you look down at your phone and BAM there they are smiling at you like heyyyy. I need to sit down this weekend and really re-evaluate my relationship with my phone.

I'd also like to take this time to apologize to the lady I laughed at this morning, while walking into work. I saw you fall, but I was too far away to help you out, and when you got up, I thought everything was going to be ok. But when you fell 3 more times, and refused to stop talking on your cell phone, I felt the laughter bubbling up..and then when you fell that fourth time (over that same patch of ice I might add) and you dropped your phone, your bag, and your hat fell off, surely you didn't expect me to keep my composure, and not laugh at your non nimble, clumsy ass. By this point I probably could have helped you, because I had caught up to where you were standing (or falling) but I didn't feel sorry for you, because again, your phone conversation was more important than your balance management. Come to think of it, I'm revoking my apology.

You've Ruined Me - Norah Jones


Jazzbrew said...

Hilarious. This post single-handedly chased away my blahs this morning. Thank you.

Chubbs said...

Under normal circumstances and to keep my karma intact, I try not to laugh at slip-and-falls on ice/snow/sleet. But this woman asked for it. I'm telling you, phones--whether we're talking on them or texting--will be the death of us...and for some, have been already. :-( Oh, but on the same note, congrats on the new phone :-)

Jazzbrew said...

Great article on the game/trades last night.

I must admit... I'm more than a bit upset that Jamison went to CLEVELAND. I mean, on the bright side, he's going to a playoff team, but on the downside... it's CLEVELAND.

rashad said...

@Chubbs I think i've fallen enough times myself to say f**k karma, i'm laughing at folks..ha

@jazzbrew: i'm absolutely pissed about him going to Cleveland, and I will NOT be rooting for him at all. that's how petty i am.

Miss. Lady said...

Ugh!I had to go into my Facebook mobile settings and remove that option.

No comment on the lady falling as I am really prone to tripping and falling especially when I wear heels....I need all the good karma I can get.

scout said...

lol, what a dork. I might've accidently pushed her again.