Sunday, February 28, 2010

So last night I went see a musical version of High Fidelity, which I have labeled many many times as my favorite movie. The play was held at the District of Columbia Arts Center, and it seats around 50 people. I was supposed to go with the lady, but she had a prior engagement, so I rolled solo for the first time in awhile.

While I sat and waited for the doors to open, I learned that this play (as well as the movie) was based on a book by Nick Hornby that I now need to purchase. I also learned that people feel sorry for you if you're out by yourself. I had two people point out to me (as if I did not know) that I was there alone, like I had the Ebola virus or something. I could not wait for the show to start so they could leave me alone.

The actual play was surprisingly good. I can't say I had any expectations, considering it was a small production in a small theater, but I was pleasantly surprised. The singing was great, the band (two guitarists, two keyboardists, and a drummer) added to the experience, and the acting was believable and funny. Whenever I go see plays I wait for that moment where I forget I'm watching a play, and just focus on the story at hand, and last night that moment came rather quickly--that's a great thing. Seeing this play made me not only want to see the movie again, but as I said earlier, I will purchase the book as well. So if this production comes to your town, I suggest you go see it.

And now, I will post my favorite scene from the movie:

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