Friday, February 05, 2010

So last night, thanks to all these damn commercials about Michael Vick's television show, I had a dream about a black Labrador retriever. It started off with me in a park throwing a football with my dad and brother. Out of nowhere, the black lab came up to me, sniffed my crotch the pervy way dogs do, licked my hand, wagged its tail, and the it ran away with its owner. No harm done there. But then, when I got back to my house, I hung up my coat, went to the kitchen to get some water and BAM that same dog was sitting in the kitchen. He ran up to me and repeated his earlier routine off sniffing, licking and wagging. The odd part is I didn't question where the hell this dog came from, or why it was in my house, I just gave it water, petted it, and then went and changed clothes. When I emerged from my room, the dog was gone...But then two hours later, before I went to sleep, the dog was on the foot of my bed sleeping quietly. Again, none of these things caused any alarm with dream Rashad, I just took it all in stride.

I woke up this morning fully expecting to see that damn dog in the shower waiting on me, but I dodged that bullet. BUT, about 10 minutes into my morning walk to work, what did I see? A f**king black lab on a leash. And what did the dog do? Sniff, lick and wag (not that it is unusual for a dog to do that but still). Before the dog ran off, he winked at me, and said, "Remember me motherf**ker I'm still here!"(yeah right) But seriously, I'm looking for that dog every time I turn the corner. Perhaps when I look out of my window when this apocalyptic snow arrives tonight, I'll see the dog making angels and frolicking..

Mother nature is laughing at us by the way. Snow on Friday and Saturday? What part of the game is that?

Seal - Kiss From A Rose

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