Thursday, February 11, 2010

This morning I made it out of the house, and I braved the slushy roads, 3 inch deep water puddles, deep snow, and splashes from passing cars, long enough for me to get to the barbershop. When I got there it was basically empty.. one barber was skipping rope in the middle of the shop, and the other was on the phone presumably talking to a woman. My usual barber was still snowed in, so I was forced to go to my auxiliary barber, who was more than happy to see me. He explained that business had been extremely slow so far during the month of February, and he was worried about making next month's rent, let alone get food and other things to make day to day. He could have been just trying to get a bigger tip from me, but since he wasn't my regular barber, it wasn't happening. Still, I felt bad for him. I suspect there are numerous business suffering financially from this snowstorm.

Speaking of snow, I hear that Dallas is expecting 3-5 inches over the next 48 hours. 3-5 inches isn't that much snow, but to an area like Dallas that barely gets anything, that could be trouble, and flights will be cancelled and/or delayed. At this point, I fear that I may be stuck in airports all damn day. Its bad enough I couldn't get a direct flight from here to Dallas, but to be stuck in Charlotte, unable to get to Dallas would not be good. Given the paragraph I just wrote about someone not being able to make their rent, this seems trivial, but its not. Tomorrow will be interesting. I'm happy to be home again today though.

Blame It On The Boogie - The Jacksons


Sab D said...

good times


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everything Sab D said.

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