Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The following conversation happened around 8am at my local Starbucks. The cast of characters are me, the Starbucks employee and the two 35-40 year old women in front of me.

Starbucks: Welcome to Starbucks sweetheart, how may I help you?
First woman: Excuse me?
Starbucks: good morning sweetheart what can I get you?
First woman: Uh ok..I'll get a venti (I can't remember)
Starbucks: I got you sweetie
First woman: (looks back at her friend): Sweetie? Is he f**king kidding me?
Second woman: Apparently so, welcome to 1960s
Starbucks: Next in line
Second woman: Ok I'll also have a Venti ___________
Starbucks: Ok sweetheart I got you
Second woman: What happened to just good morning and hello
Starbucks: (moves closer): Good morning sweetheart I'm sor...
Second woman(interrupts): You know what? Never mind, just go to next person
Starbucks: Ok sweetie, next in line...yeah what's up man what can I get you?
Me: Dude, you may want to chill out on the sweethearts and sweeties, its a little demeaning
Starbucks: What does that mean?
Me: (trying not to do a snobby laugh): It means you're talking down to them and you dont even know it, just say good morning and keep it moving
Starbucks: Man you crazy, the ladies love that
Me: And you know this how?
Starbucks: Man trust me, they like that kind of stuff in the morning, it makes them smile
Me (trying not to do a regular laugh): Ok sweetheart, get me a venti soy green tea latte
Starbucks: That sh*t ain't funny man, I ain't your sweetie
Me: But you're still going to make my drink right?
Starbucks: yeah in line..good morning sweetheart...

First off, I did get my drink. Second, the women who he had offended thanked me for semi-sticking up for them, but they clearly weren't outraged and upset enough to really complain to management. They grabbed their little drinks and rolled out, and I did the same, because it wasn't my battle to continue fighting. I find it hard to believe that no woman, or a man with a woman, has legitimately complained about this type of thing. I cannot lie and say that I've never used sweetie and sweetheart, but its usually when I am intentionally being condescending. If I were working customer service like this gentleman, I would definitely avoid anything of the sort. And me being the helpful brother that I am, I tried to give him a heads up, but as you saw it didn't go over too well. Or maybe I'm the wrong person to be teaching such a lesson. So I'm going to go back tomorrow and Friday to see if he's still doing it. And yes I'm serious.

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This video you see below has nothing to do with this entry...well not really I just think its a cool song to kick some body's ass too. And Mr. Starbucks deserves such treatment

Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing


Chubbs said...

Gosh, I need video of this guy, because you've left me wanting to pay a visit to that Starbucks and hear just HOW he said it. Did this guy say it in that sort of sleazy, I'm-off-in-an-hour way? If so, I kinda think I know what you mean, and yes, in that case, you're RIGHT to have corrected him.

I probably would have just ignored him and grabbed my coffee, and then later that day, in my passive-agressive way, called and asked to speak to his manager. Plus, I think that's a sure way to get a free cup of coffee.

rashad said...

There was definitely an element of creepiness in the way he said it. I halfway expected dude to start rubbing his hands together at the same time

Janelle said...

Like Chubbs, I need to know the creep factor and if there awas a hint of ghey in the mix. But I applaud you for sticking up for these women because they were offended, regardless of how it sounded.

And I wouldn't have said jack until AFTER I got my coffee. hahahahaha

£ said...

meh. there are worse things to endure. Not to say these ladies weren't well within their rights to feel offended (if that was the case. and kudos to your for speaking up!) BUT is having the barista @ starbucks say sweetheart that much of an issue? At least he was trying to be pleasant. I've dealt with so many rude employees at starbucks that you'd think it was on the menu.

Instead, id rather take to task the guy on the sub whose crotch keeps creeping up on my backside simply because its crowded. Now THAT is a violation and an indignity. It maybe crowded but its NOT that crowded. At least @ starbucks I'm getting a coffee with the chauvinism. On the train, all I'm left with is a gross feeling all day and the imprint of your junk on my gabardines.

Jazzbrew said...

I'm with Janelle... I would be afraid that homey would slide a shot of "special sauce" into my coffee... just can't take that chance.