Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I walked into my apartment building yesterday, and I thought I smelled smoke in the lobby, but I ignored it. Then I went up the elevator and the smell got stronger, and I panicked a bit, and I wondered why I foolishly got on the elevator. By the time I got to my floor the smell was stronger, but it smelled like a fire that had come and gone already, as opposed to one that was in progress. I put the key in my door, went in my apartment, and the smell was a litle less strong, but it was still there. A lot of my furniture had been moved around, the windows were all the way up, and there were boot footprints all over the floor.

The person who lives below me had a fire start in their bathroom, and it spread to some of the other apartments. My apartment came away unscathed, but the fire department had to get into my unit to put the fire out, which explained the footprints. I try to avoid the melodramatic as much as I can, but I cannot act like I wasn't shaken because of my incident in 2007 Back then, the smell of smoke was in every item that I was able to salvage, including my laptop. This morning, that smell (which is impossible to get rid of right away) is all thru the apartment, and I was paranoid last night while I slept. Every noise had me sitting straight up, and I slept with the door and windows open to get the clean flowing, but again, the noises made for a restless night.

I'd like to think I had done a good job putting that incident behind, but last night and this morning, it felt like it just happened all over again. And again, I promise you I'm not writing this to get your sympathy, but it affects me, and I'm not always good at talking through my feelings, so I write them.


a. o. mcclyde said...

wow. i had no idea about your 2007 incident until today. i'm glad this time around your luck was better.

Notorious Kim said...

wow is right... glad you are ok but that is some scary s*it.