Monday, March 22, 2010

I would like to say thank you to my friend Nichole for recommending this spa/hotel for my lady and me. The lady got to relax, I got to relax, and everyone won yesterday.

I would like to apologize to my main man Kyle for not being able to write about the Wizards/Lakers game last night. The hotel/spa I mentioned above had espn, espn2, espnnews, espnclassic, all types of dirty movies, but they did NOT have ComcastSportsNet, so I was unable to see that ass whipping the Lakers put on the team.

I would like say thank you my lady's sister for reminding me how important it is to ask my lady's parents if I can marry their daughter. Whether I propose tomorrow or later this year, its still important in this day and age to ask for permission. So thank you for that. And to my lady if you're reading this, I'm waiting 5 more years to propose so dont get excited.

And I would like to send a special, special shoutout to the lady whose breasts fell out of her flimsy top this morning on the train. You were SO busy trying to text someone, that you didn't hold on when the train came to an abrupt stop. And despite my attempts to catch your clumsy ass, you went down and you went down hard..right on your back. Your failure to wear a bra to work on this fine Monday morning backfired, and your breasts(I'd venture to say D cups) spilled all over the place. I not only enjoyed your face turning red, but I enjoyed watching you trying to put them back in, get up off the floor, and hold on to the railing all at the same time. I suggest you learn the art of using one hand to text next time.


Chubbs said...

Love the visual of woman-on-subway. It's a shame the same doesn't happen to men...though not sure it'd be as enjoying to see their bits falling out all over the train ;-)

An (extra extra) early congrats on proposing! Reminds me I need to finally post my marriage blog. What do you do if the person you're proposing to is sort of an orphan? Is there someone else to ask for permission?

rashad said...

good question chubbs. i guess in that instance, you'd have to go the most important person in that orphan's life.