Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the street right behind my apartment, there is a steep hill that is about 250 meters or so in length. At the conclusion of my 3 mile runs, I like to sprint up that hill as my "reward" for completing such an arduous task. While I'm sprinting to the finish, I always like to imagine that I'm finishing a marathon, tens of thousands of people are applauding me, and the Chariots of Fire theme is blaring somewhere in the distance. Don't think I don't recognize that level of corniness I've reached at age 35, but you tell me how rational and sane you are after 3 miles of running and 250 meters of sprinting.

So once I reach the top of this hill, I stop, catch my breath, and then I walk back down the hill towards my apartment. Every now and then, at about the halfway point of this street, I see this man getting his paper. He usually opens his door, gets his paper, then quickly scurries back into his house. He gives me a quizzical look, but its completely understandable. Its usually around 6:30am, its dark, and here I am sweaty, out of breath, and looking less than friendly. Given that this city can be pretty damn violent at times, I can understand him being cautious. Does race play a factor? I suppose its possible, but I never really gave it too much thought.

But this morning, the man must have been feeling extra friendly, because he didn't scurry back into his house. Now mind you, I've been running for about 2 years now, this man has never uttered a single, solitary word to me. But I guess the full moon inspired him or something, because this conversation went down:

Him: Good morning sir
Me: How's it going?
Him: Good run?
Me: Good run indeed
Him: I always see you running this hill, its tough huh?
Me: It is, but its a good way to close out a 3 mile run
Him: I'm a biker myself
Me: Oh ok
Him: So do you live around here?
Me: I do I live right around the corner on Connecticut Ave
Him: Where specifically?
Me: Why, are you going to come rob me?
**We both laugh, although my laugh is hearty, while his is nervous**
Him: Oh no no, I was just curious, sorry for being nosy
Me: I'm joking its no I know exactly where you live so its only fair..I live in the _____ apartments
Him: Oh ok
Me (sensing an opening): Well i'm very tired sir, and I need to start getting ready for work, I'm Rashad, what's your name?
Him: I'm Terry
**Terry then extends his hand**
Me: Oh I shouldn't shake your hand, I'm all sweaty, let's just do this
**I extend my fist, thinking he'd take a cue from our president and first lady but instead he tried to go on top of my fist, but I didn't realize what he was doing, so I tried to meet his fist instead of just letting his rest on top of mine, and after awhile we had broken into a full-fledged rock/paper/scissors game. Finally, I just waved the white flag and let him put his fist on top of mine. This sounds way more ghey than it really was by the way**

Him (laughing): Next time bring a towel so you can wipe your hands, and we can do a regular shake
Me (laughing harder): Next time just leave me alone

We both laugh and walk our respective ways, but I win, because I left on a high(er) note. I have no real point here, I just thought the whole thing was completely random and hilarious.

Oh and if you haven't purchased the new Erykah Badu cd, please do. Its excellent.

Day 3 of Ron Carter:


a. o. mcclyde said...

Erykah Badu's booty is also excellent.

amy said...

SO ghey! but totally hilarious.