Friday, March 26, 2010

So yesterday, I edited, uploaded and posted my first video on Hoops Addict. Now to you (and maybe everyone else) that is not worthy of even a passing mention, but to me, it is a pretty big f**king deal. I started working at Hoops Addict because I love basketball, almost as much as I love writing. I've written countless articles, but when it came time to post audio, I'd simply record what I wanted, and then leave it to my editor Ryan to bail me out. This year, Ryan has pushed me and urged me to become a bit more well-rounded, and I have begrudgingly agreed, causing him to curse me out (sometimes under his breath, other times through stern, yet carefully worded emails). I "mastered" the audio part earlier this year, and now I have finally learned how to record, edit, upload and then post the video on the site. You see, its the little things that get you through the day..

The MAIN reason I have not written the past two days, is anger. Pure anger. My son's mother moved again, and although she's basically in the same city as before, it caused her to take my son out of school for the THIRD time this YEAR. And yes you read that correctly. I had just establish a tremendous rapport with his teachers and now that's gone. I had just instilled confidence in my son, after his poor progress report, and now THAT is gone (although i'm working on restoring it). I'll spare you the gory details of how this happened and what I'm doing about it, but let's just say that the second half of this year will be drastically different if I can get a favorable ruling. But yesterday and the day before I was just too angry to even mildly articulate what I was feeling.

And now, a public service announcement from the year 1987..this video may very well only be funny to my brother and I, since we used to see this commercial all the damn time when we were younger. But I'm posting it anyway.


Gureala said...

Good sh/t. I'm curious, though, what kind of camera did you use to record the video?

rashad said...

I just a regular flip cam like this:

scout said...

oh boy, I know just how you must feel. I have such a wonderful relationship with many on the faculty at my sons school and it's the only reason he's brought up his biology and geometry grades. but he's still not working up to his potential and, thanks to my great relationship with one of the schools VP's, I just learned today that he's bs'ing in his graphic design class and in danger of being removed from the program (it's a fantastic 3 year track not available to everyone). But I'll spare you the remaining details, lol. I've vented enough. But I feel you, bruh.