Monday, March 08, 2010

This weekend I took a break from basketball, the computer, and Washington DC overall, and I took a trip with the lady to NYC. And even though the trip was only Saturday to Sunday, I had an absolute ball.

Saturday night we went to see Cassandra Wilson and Esperanza Spalding in New Jersey. Thanks to the slow ass PATH train that made our trip from NYC to Newark a tedious one, we were 20 minutes late, and we missed more than half of Esperanza's set, but what we saw was still great. And even though Cassandra Wilson kept mysteriously leaving the stage while her band was playing, she took put on a great show. Her band was great, and I never tire of hearing her deep, husky voice.

Sunday, after taking a short detour to hear some jazz in Central Park, we headed to a birthday brunch in honor of my friend Janelle Considering there were about 15 women there, and only 3 guys (one of whom looked a little suspect), I really don't know how I survived. There were inappropriate pictures and conversations all around me, and the only thing that kept me from losing my mind was the Magic/Lakers game going on in the background..oh and of course my high mimosa intake. Great times were had! I still don't know how people live in New York, but I have no problems visiting at all.

Right now as I type, my son's class is en route to DC for their field trip, and the weather finally cooperated. There's only one problem: My son is not on that bus. His mother called me at work on Friday to say that his progress report was terrible, and we made the decision to keep him from attending his class field trip. I really wanted to chaperone and see him, and I struggled with the idea of taking this trip away, but it (along with several other things) needed to be done. Thank God he's coming to stay with me this weekend, because lots of talks need to be had. He really needs to be living with me now, but that's a whole other blog that frankly would take me too long to write.


£ said...

PATH is a menace. lol. But it is a lot less of a headache compared to driving. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend. :)

*raises glass in honor of my girl Janelle*

Janelle said...

I am dying over here over your questionable sexual assessment only because as the late great MJ would say "You are not alone"! hhahahahahahahaa And you didn't even speak to dude. hahahahaa

I'm glad you had such a great weekend. NYC needs more visits from the Guy Guru. Make it happen. There will be more drunken brunches in your future. Thanks for celebrating my bday with you.

*raises glass right back atcha Lex;)*