Friday, April 16, 2010

For the longest time I resisted watching the critically acclaimed series, "Mad Men". It wasn't that I doubted whether it was a top notch show with top notch actors and actresses, I just wanted the hype to die down a bit. When anything is hyped up the way that series was, you're bound to be disappointed once you sit down and actually take it in for yourself. So I waited an entire year after Mad Men came out, and then I finally decided to watch season one. And I was hooked.

I was so damn hooked on the show, that each and every time I watched one of the hour long episodes, I started trying to move my schedule around, so that I could watch yet another show without interruptions. The characters were compelling, the plots were complex, and I was glad that I had waited to watch the show on my own terms. I was even disappointed when season 3 started, and I had to watch one episode at a time, and then wait for next week like everyone else. I had gotten spoiled by watching the first two seasons at my own rushed pace, and thought of having to wait a week drove me crazy. Even now, the thought of having to wait four more months for season four is even worse. But now something else has distracted me.

Up until last night, I had not watched a single, solitary episode of The Wire. I would hear how great and gritty it was, but it just did not sound like a show I would be interested in watching. In fact, I would get on my high horse and say that there were enough shows out there about the hood, and why would I want to watch another. I'd watch the Sopranos with no problem, but I had somehow convinced myself that I couldn't quite stomach The Wire. Then when the series finale came around in 2008, I was semi-tempted to watch, but I was so far behind, I thought it was pointless to catch up then.

But after all of my favorite sports personalities kept raving about the writing of the show, the multi-layered plots, the symbolism, etc, I decided to get off my ass, and order it via netflix. Unfortunately, due to basketball season taking up all of my time, that DVD sat on top of my television for a good three months. I would tell my fiancee that we needed to watch, but we'd settle on watching The Office or some other program instead. But last night, there was no basketball on television, so we decided to sit down, and watch the first episode of the first season. The time was 7:30. After the first episode mesmerized us, we watched the second one, and then the third one, and before we looked up, it was almost 11pm, and we had gone thru the first seasons, and if it weren't a work night, we'd have gone thru another three episodes. It is a great great show.

The sad part is, we are about 6 or 7 years behind, so we can't go talking to other people about what we saw, how we felt, etc. We have to just talk to each other, which isn't so bad, but its not the same as the excitement one gets from joining chat rooms and message boards when a show airs. So to everyone who begged and pleaded with me to watch the show while it was still on HBO, I apologize. You were right, I was dead wrong.

Oh and to follow up on this entry about Jonathan Capeheart, as of 8:02am, we are now facebook friends. So now I can have an adult conversation with him, without looking like a crazy man on the street.

Click here, and listen to my main man Ryan and I wax poetic about the upcoming NBA Playoffs.


Jamal said...

You just wait son. The wire gets better and better...

£ said...

i still haven't seen the wire. now that you're on it, i think its official - im the last person on earth who hasn't watched it. I guess i'll get on it now.

And what is this Treme show? the twitters are all abuzz about it. I believe its supposed to be like the wire... or something.

Congrats on your capeheart coup. was i right or was i right?? King me!

Amadou said...

Excellent show. Jamal is right about how it just gets better and better. Do your best to avoid spoilers (and people who can't resist spoiling movies and shows).

Jazzbrew said...

One more word of encouragment to continue watching The Wire. It's the best cop show I've ever seen and the seasons just got better and better. Characters are great.

I love boxed sets for TV shows. I can't stand watching a show and waiting a week before the next episode drops. I did for the Sopranos (didn't watch it on HBO until the final season), The Wire, Band of Brothers and 24.

24 is just downright gangsta with their cliffhangers. I can't handle that.