Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I was able to spread the news of my engagement to most people via this blog and facebook; however, I have friends, family and current and past co-workers, who dont have access to such thing. For them, I have to call and/or send emails, and I am still in the process of doing just that. Yesterday afternoon, I sent out my first round of emails to everyone, and most of the response I got back were very genuine and moving.

But apparently, in my rush to cover everyone in my contact list, I accidentally sent an email to an ex co-worker I used to date. Now, I've had exes of mine inform me of their alleged marital bliss, and I find myself getting annoyed, because in every case, I dumped their ass, not vice versa. If I wanted to pursue marriage with your ass, I'd have asked you, so why do you think you're getting me back by informing me of your plans to make someone else miserable for life? So I didn't want to be one of those people by sending out emails like that..I digress.

So when I saw this woman's name in my inbox, I instantly realized that I had mistakenly included her on my list of names (there were like 150 people on the list..and yes I blind copied everyone). I opened up the email from this woman, and it said the following:

Give me the ring stats, I need to know what I would have gotten. LOL!!!

Now, I will break down what is wrong with that sentence.

1) You and I know damn well that this woman didn't "LOL" after she typed that sentence. That LOL was strategically placed so that I could magically forget about all the words that came before that

2) I'm not taking pictures of the ring, and I'm not throwing out ring stats to people. That's my fiancee's job to do. I'm not ashamed about what I bought, how much it was or any of that, don't get me wrong. I just don't feel the need to broadcast that, so you can take it back and analyze it the way I'm analyzing this bullshit sentence she sent to me. When and if you see my fiancee and I in public, you can look at the ring all you want. Until then, no stats for you.

3)The fact that you are even joking around about "what you would have gotten", makes me realize I did not do a good enough job of letting you know how insignificant you were once we ceased dating. In fact, while we were dating, there was NO indication of a commitment on my part, let alone the ultimate commitment. I realize that was a joke attempt, but still, I should have done a better job of squelching even the possibility of jokes like that.

4) She should have responded with a "That's great Rashad, good luck!" or she should have just ignored my email (which is what I would have done).

5)I realize that I could have been blowing her email out of proportion, and that she was maybe just trying to be funny. But it wasn't funny. The days of cutesy jokes and laughs with her are long gone, so that's is not applicable here. Plus, you can't milk a blog entry out of her trying and succeeding to be funny, so I'm sticking with my explanation.

End of rant.

Silly Ho - TLC


£ said...

then I cc'd every girl I see see'd round town...

maxwellsmusze said...

not silly ho!!!! hahahahahaha!

Miss. Lady said...

LOL!@ Silly Ho!!!

tia said...

get over yourself. LOL!

i'm ending everything i ever send you with "LOL!" from now on.

soft and subtle said...

WOW! LOL It's okaaay Rashad.... we can schedule a session for later. lol Seriously, it really doesn't matter what she or other's think; what's important is your happiness with the woman you love. So what, she asked for the stats.... that's a general question every woman wants to know (admitting or not). So don't take offense to her jargon; I'm more concerned that you put so much energy into her comment. Call me later for that appointment; I'm going to charge you extra for this one.... just kidding of course. See what happens when I miss a couple days of reading your blog.... all hell breaks loose. Amazing.... but congrats again!

rashad said...

no you won't

you're amazed that i would take something seemingly so small and make a big deal out of it? shit, that's the mission statement of this blog, where you been?

spirit_55 said...

Damn! I'm so happy my daughter said yes to your proposal and accepted the ring.



scout said...

she was probably messing with you on purpose because she knew it'd bug you and you'd over analyze it. oh, and LOL :P

Janelle said...

I think you should have replied that you found it in a cracker jack box or that you stole it off a corpse. She'd make sure to lose your email address then. hahahahahahaha