Thursday, April 22, 2010

I would like to send a special, special shoutout to those of you who read my blog, but have yet to congratulate me on my engagement. I am a reasonable guy, I pay my taxes, I think about going to church often, and I respect my elders, so I think I'm entitled to have this tiny gripe (along with 4,334 others I've discussed here over the years). I can understand and forgive you if you don't want to read my basketball related articles and interviews. I know most of you aren't basketball fans, and most of what I write is for dedicated, hardcore fans. I get all that, believe me I do.

But have you read some of my earlier blog entries? Do you know how unlikely it was back in '06 and '07 that I was ever going to get married? Do you know how large of a coup it is, that I was able to meet, find and keep a good woman and then convince her that marrying me was not relationship suicide? In the words of Eldrick Woods, that is huge. So how difficult is it to say thank you or congrats? And yes I realize how petty it is for me to be obsessing about such frivolities, but this is what I do.

My second shoutout is to the gay couple (I'm assuming they were gay, they were holding hands, kissing and groping in the middle of the street) who thought it was cool to let their black rottweiler run down the sidewalk with no leash. I can understand how it is when sexual tension gets so high, that you just have to give your partner a sliver of affection as a tease for what will go down later. As J Peterman says, "Who among us hasn't nibbled on a love newton?". BUT, if I'm running down the sidewalk at 6:30am, and you see me coming, but you don't interrupt your love fest, while your big ass rottweiler is running towards me, then we got a problem.

I had to stop running, pet, fondle and damn near molest the damn dog until the owners ran up and apologized profusely. But I was so out of breath after running 3 miles, I didn't have the energy to properly curse their negligent asses out. One of the guys had the nerve to put his hand on my shoulder, and tell me how sorry he was..just a few seconds earlier, that same hand had been firmly planted on another man's ass and other places I chose not to dwell on too long. But you didn't realize your killer dog was roaming free earlier? COME ON!

And finally, I would like to know why no one warned me about the homosexual behavior on The Wire. One minute I'm watching Omar terrorize folks all over the place, the next, I'm seeing him kissing and fondling his young, male lover while strapping guns to his waist. Now the last two paragraphs not withstanding, I'm not homophobic..but STILL, how often do you see that on tv? It caught me way off guard On the flip side, I was VERY happy to see Kima and her lover in passionate scenes. Now THAT I can get used to seeing.

By the way, I'm still in season one of the Wire, and I just watched the episode where Kima was shot, so don't make fun of me.

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sixfive said...

Just want it on record that I said "Congrats" on Facebook.. to confirm I'm not part of this non-congratulatory group. Ha!

rashad said...

@sixfive: You're good my your fantasy beisbol team is a whole other discussion..

scout said...

lol, you are incorrigible! :) and I cannot believe that couple with the dog. thank goodness he wasn't vicious. I take it he was a pansy since you didn't get mauled.

checkmymelonie said...

Congratulations. :)

sixfive said...

I went on and made some updates today. The day I actually remember the draft is occurring and don't autodraft/fuck over my team is gonna be a dark day for you.