Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Last night, at halftime of the Duke/Butler match up, I decided to pick out my work clothes for today. I picked a nice shirt and some slacks (no tie today), and I ironed the sleeves a bit (thanks to the inability of my dry cleaners to keep them smooth). I then hung them up outside of my closet, and went back to watching the game. No big deal right?

This morning I wake up, shower, and start to put on that stellar outfit I had picked out the night before; however, I did not factor in something when picking this out. It is 70 f**king degrees at 7 in the morning. In July or August I fully expect days like this, and I am mentally prepared to be hot and sweaty all day long. Plus, the AC is usually going strong at home, on the train, and at work, so I never really feel the full brunt of the heat. But in April? There's no AC at home, none on the train, and their damn sure isn't any at work yet. In fact, if I'm very still, I can still feel remnants of heat trickling out.

So instead of coming to work with a neatly pressed shirt tucked with some slacks, I neatly put the slacks back on the hanger. And then I grabbed some jeans, decided to wear my shirt untucked, and BAM, here I am at work. I am 100% sure it is totally unacceptable for me to have on jeans during a non-casual day, but I'm sorry, I just chose to go a different direction. 90 degrees on April 6th? COME ON

Despite this and this happening the last couple of days, this is a GREAT month for sports. The Mastersstarts this weekend, the NBA and NHL playoffs start in a couple weeks, the NFL draft is in a couple weeks, baseball has started, and the Penn Relays are at the end of the month. I hope I still have a girlfriend on May 1st...

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£ said...

that game last night was CRAZY. For the most part I always root for the underdog and yesterday was no exception. I was pulling hard for Butler to win. When they lost I was unnecessarily mad. I think it was just emotional fallout from the Eagles drama.

this unseasonably warm weather has my wardrobe all over the place. But, i'd rather heat than cold. I'm hosiery free today. You're a rebel though, jeans and untucked?? lol.