Friday, April 02, 2010

So NBA players are required to meet with the media after every playoff game, whether they like it or not. Presumably, the rule was put in so that journalists wouldn't have to go back to their editors with a great story with no quotes from the star players. If players refuse to talk the media, they get fined, and so does their team. Before I started covering the NBA, I thought this rule was ridiculous, but now that I'm in the proverbial trenches, I see how necessary it is. If there is a well played, hard fought playoff game, and you need a story on how well someone played (whether they won or lost), you need that access to the player to enhance the story. When players play well, they can't wait to run their mouth, so it has to work both ways.

So back in 2003, the Portland Trailblazers had just defeated the Dallas Mavericks in Game 4 of the NBA playoffs, to stave off elimination. One of the key players in Portland's victory was Rasheed Wallace, who at that point in his career, detested meeting with the media. Rasheed didn't want to completely blow off the media because he knew he would get fined, so instead he decided to compromise. He decided that no matter what question he was asked, he would answer every one by saying, "Both teams played hard my man". Allow me to show you...

The NBA was not amused, and they fined Rasheed 30k, and his team was fined 50k. Still, I can readily admit that if I was a member of the press, and Rasheed did this, I would be on the floor laughing. I realize this may not be funny to anyone, but I think its hilarious even 7 years later.

And now, I will post the last Ron Carter clip of the week. Ron is in Washington D.C. performing at Bohemian Caverns. He did two shows last night, he will do two more tonight, and he will do two tomorrow night(which is when I will be there). Now you may ask yourself, why the hell is Rashad making such a big deal about this particular jazz bassist. My reason? Ron Carter is a legend, and he's old, so he has to be appreciated, he needs to be studied, and if possible his brain needs to picked me at least. He played with Miles f**king Davis man, there aren't 10 people alive who can say they played with the pre smooth jazz, late, great Miles Davis. Anyway, let me not get on my jazz soapbox.

Here is the song "Agitation" from 1963. Miles on trumpet was 37 years old, Tony Williams on drums was 18, Herbie Hancock on piano was 23, Ron Carter on the bass was 26, and Wayne Shorter on saxophone was 30.


Jazzbrew said...

Nah man... stay on your jazz soap box. Please. I agree 100%. You have to give me the 411 on that show.

Tony was only 18 in that clip!! 18!? That isht is crazy!

P.S. - Both teams played hard.

£ said...

one of my homies lives right around the corner from Rasheed's childhood home. I would go to visit him (my homie, not rasheed) and it would be nothing to see him(rasheed, not my homie) outside, the whole neighborhood clamoring to get a look at him. dude is TALL. never met him though...

lol that was a pretty anti climactic story.

anyway, dope clip. and i agree w/jazzbrew, stay on your soapbox!