Wednesday, May 05, 2010

First and foremost I would like to send a shout out to the jackass who anonymously tried to leave a comment in my blog yesterday. You said, "Your basketball articles are ok, but we're used to seeing real entries from you, make it happen." Now, if you said this to get under my skin, then congrats, because it worked. If you said this because this is how you truly feel, then be a man (or a woman) and reveal yourself unto to me, so I can monitor and scrutinize the daily entries in your blog. And I resent you representing yourself as a collective by saying "we're" instead of "I".

I could very well blog each and every day, but sometimes I'm just not feeling it. Other days, I am dealing with personal issues that I just don't feel comfortable telling the world. There are other days (like today in fact) where I have to write something for Hoops Addict and I am scared that I may spread myself too thin by wasting all my pseduo-brilliance on this blog. Honestly, I don't even mind someone complaining about this, I just hate that it was done anonymously. That will bother me for a minute.

My second shout out is directed to all those people who told me that the second season of The Wire would not be entertaining. Now I'll admit I only have season one, and four episodes of season three to compare it to but I thoroughly enjoyed the second season. The capers on the ship, and the street drug situation were merged nicely, but each of the plots stood strong on their own too. There was rarely an episode that dragged along, or bored me. In fact, the first four episodes of season three are boring me more than season two ever did--although I'm sure it will pick up soon. I still can't believe I shunned this show for 8 years. Shame on me.

And my last shoutout comes in belated form. Yesterday was Star Wars day and I completely forgot about it, until Lex made a comment (non-anonymous I might add) in my blog yesterday. So in honor of that, I will link my favorite scene from my favorite Star Wars movie, "The Empire Strikes Back".


sixfive said...

other than Season 4, season 2 is my favorite. It also happens to be when I started watching the show (live) so it has nostalgic value for me as well.

spirit_55 said...

Who da hell left my future son-in-law an anon comment about his blogging?, just asking..

***breaks out baby powder for the ultimate smackdown*** LOL

£ said...

the fourth will be with you, always. :-D