Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For the second time in as many months, my father challenged me to write a book, and I have to admit that it is a daunting task that scares me. The first time, he challenged me to write a book with him on a yet-to-be-determined subject. We've been casually brainstorming about ideas, but I can easily pass the lack of progress off on him, as opposed to me. Instead of feeling 100% of the blame, his presence allows me to whittle it down to a much more manageable 50%.

But during our conversation last night, my father came up with an idea for a book for ME to write, and I must admit it was a solid idea (I would tell you what it was, but people steal). He referenced some past conversations we had, as well as some other data, to convince me that this was a book that needed to be written, and I was the man for the job. While we were talking, I was getting hyped up and I convinced myself that I could do it (and beat Harold Washington). But after we got off the phone, I thought of all the work involved, and it was a bit intimidating.

A few years back, I was on a fast track to write a book based on this blog. I was going thru old entries and cleaning them up a bit (cleaning up the language, deleting names, etc), and I was even writing little intros to each entry to add a little flair to what I was trying to accomplish. But once I started writing for Hoops Addict, the desire to keep working on a book based on my blog just disappeared. The way I saw it, I was trying to develop a reputation as a sports writer. And if I wrote a blog every now and then, that's one thing; however, if a book came out based on my blog, and all the uncensored, mean and personal things were on display for the world to see, that would usurp any sports reputation I was slowly trying to build (how is THAT for a run-on sentence?).

But the heavy lifting that comes with writing about basketball will end in a month or so, and I'll have some down time to begin that long book writing/planning process. I'm still scared as hell, and I wonder if I research, organize that research, and then write it down, if people would actually want to spend money on it. But dammit I'm 30 f**king five, and my teens and 20s aren't walking thru that door. So why not give it a shot right? My main man Sabin wrote a book, one of my favorite sports bloggers is working on one, why can't I jump in? I think I will.

By the way, this has nothing to do with anything I just wrote, but I'm curious about something. Why do people workout, skip drinking water, and go right to coffee? Every morning I see people complete their runs, or come from working out at the gym, and they form a line at starbucks to drink coffee. What is that about?


Davidikus said...

Most people would see writing & publishing a book as a great accomplishment. I recently read on Garance Doré's blog that she decided against writing & publishing a book. I can see her point: a book makes sense only on some topics at some given point in your life. Publishing just for the sake of publishing may be meaningless. I have a contract for a book I have already written on my desk. I still have not returned it... Not sure what I am waiting for. The book is 95% ready, it just needs updating.

Just to say that this post struck a chord with me. If the book that your father & you want to write is not making any progress, it probably means it is not to be; or not now, not yet.


Sab D said...

Man, you got a couple of books in you.
You got the voice.
You got the perspective.
You got the skills.

It's just a matter of time ...

(Somebody gotta carry the Ralph WIley torch, why not you?)

Checkmymelonie said...

I challenge you! Six chapters finished by July?

rashad said...

Damn 6 chapters? that's a hell of a challenge..