Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This morning I was in the midst of my normal pre-leaving-the-house routine, when I had an epiphany of sorts. I had just brushed my hair, and said hello to the two new gray hairs in my goatee, when I reached to turn the light off in my bathroom. But right before I hit that switch, I took a good look at myself, and I realized that I looked just like my father.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that I am supposed to look my father, because he helped to create me, and that is the truth. But my father's look has evolved over the years. And when I looked in the mirror this morning, I saw the 35-40 year old version of my father. This was the man who wore a suit and tie every day, and would meet me at the kitchen table before he left to tell me to keep my hands off the Sports page until he read it. During this time my father was rocking a goatee with flecks of grey in it, he managed to look older while still displaying flashes of youthfulness, and he had this focused look on his face like he could not wait to get to work. With the exception of that last part, that's the look I had on my face this morning. In fact, when I looked at myself, I said out loud, "Damn I look like my dad"

I've also been paying very close attention to how he's aging. The thinning of the hair in the back, the graying, the minimal weight gain..all of that. This bodes well for me as I coast into my golden years. In a related note, I've gotten a good look at my future mother-in-law, and it looks like I'll have no complaints on that front either.

And finally, I saw the movie Up In The Air on Sunday, and it was depressing. It had its moments of humor and sexual tension that I enjoyed, but I must admit I was expecting something a little brighter. And on a personal note, it reminded me of the kind of life I thought I was going to live a few years ago when I was basically single...but I don't feel like delving into that right now. The bottom line is, I didn't see why that movie was so damn good.'

If you are a praying person, I'd ask that you direct your prayers towards the Washington Wizards. If they win the NBA draft lottery tonight, and they get the number one pick, not only will be happy as a fan, but I will have endless amount of writing material, which makes me happier. So pray for my happiness...and the Wizards too.

The Temptations - I Can't Get Next To You
aka the song I was would sing at karaoke or a talent show..or American Idol..and yes I'd do all five voices


Janelle said...

I will add my prayer for the Wizards to the end of my prayer that NY gives up on this pipe dream of Lebron. It's quite embarassing.

Its funny when you realize you look like your parents at that particular age. What's funnier is when your parents don't see the resemblence...hahahahahaa

scout said...

what?! this is the second time this week i've gotten a bad review of up in the air. it's been sitting on my fireplace mantle for a week now, waiting for me to get around to it and now i'm afraid to. lol

Jazzbrew said...

Your (our) prayers have been answered my brother...