Sunday, June 13, 2010

The bad news? I have a a terrible case of writer's block that is preventing me from writing about a press conference I attended on Thursday. Actually, now that I have analyzed this for a few days, its not writer's block, its bad reporting on my part. Instead of taking good, diligent notes during this press conference, I relied on my recorder--meaning I just planned to transcribe the audio later, and write my article based on that. But between me moving around and photographers snapping pictures all around me, the audio I obtained was not as clear and audible as I hoped. The bottom line is, I have nothing, and it sucks. This happens to me twice a year, and this is the second time, so I have 6 more months of error free living to live where my writing is concerned. By the way, during that press conference I saw Sheila "The Billionaire" Johnson, and she is a MILF..

The good news? All the non-writing I have been doing this weekend, has allowed me to get knee deep in the World Cup this weekend. I watched each and every match this weekend, and it has me longing for the days of old when I was a superstar soccer player:

I need to find a 35 and over soccer league now.

State of Shock - Michael Jackson featuring Mick Jagger

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Redbonegirl97 said...

Yeah that has happened me before when I was taking a class. LOL, about the soccer superstar and when you find that league don't hurt yourself. There are bound to be arthritic knees and hips out there.

Peace, Love and Chocolate