Monday, June 21, 2010

First off, let me gloat a little bit and say that I am off today, which means I am in the bed with my laptop. The remote is just a few inches from my hand, and I am switching back and forth between Portugal/North Korea World Cup soccer and Wimbledon which started today. Sure the air conditioning is broken once again after being up and running on Friday and Saturday, and sure I was so nauseous last night, that I'm hesitant to eat right now. The point is I'm in the bed watching sports, so I can't complain about much.

So my son is officially spending the next several weeks in Cleveland, Ohio with my mother. As I type this, he is probably getting registered to camp at Case Western Reserve University, and he will be knee deep in orientation and activities soon. I dropped him off at the airport yesterday morning, and he was excited about the whole experience, while I had mixed feelings. On one hand I know this experience will be a great one for him, but I knew I'd miss him on father's day, and I did (thanks my brother, my father and my boy Cliff for lifting me up) Still once he called and told me he was there safe all was well. He's a big boy (who apparently had a girlfriend now) so I need to trust he can handle these things because he can.

And finally, this may seem completely random, but the next time you are cooking out and searching for items to place upon the grill, put this on there. I brought some of that over to my brother's house yesterday and he grilled it and it was fantastic. So fantastic in fact, that I don't think I shared it with anyone else.

Go buy the new Roots cd.

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